October 9, 2012

Two More Days

On Friday, we fly to Tokyo. Sweet!

I have been waiting for this moment to happen. I can't wait to eat sushi in Japan! LOL!

Seriously, Japan is one of the places I really really want to visit. It's in my checklist.

Aside from loving Japanese food and their crazy fashion sense, I am intrigued and curious about their culture and tradition.

This particular trip is very short - just four days and four nights. We'll have two days of city tour, one day outside of Tokyo (Hakone and Mt Fuji) and of course Tokyo Disneyland for EJ.

I pray that we could go back to Japan again someday because I am sure four days won't be enough to soak in everything that is Japan.

Everything on this tour is DIY. Well, except for the Hakone and Mt. Fuji tour which I booked from a tour company because I did not want to be overwhelmed with too much information. I just focused on the city sightseeing and the Disneyland tour.

I am waiting for the lapel pins which the tour company will send. It's supposed to arrive today.

Anyway, I am almost finished packing. Yeah, I pack early for special trips like this one. Hahaha!

See you soon Tokyo!