November 28, 2012

Expensive to Get Sick

Cambodia has a lot of holidays. Most of the holidays are not your typical one-day holiday. For example, a King's holiday is celebrated in three days. Water Festival is also three days, among others.

This is one of the things I love about Cambodia - long and many holidays.

Right now, we are enjoying (relatively speaking) a three-day holiday (November 27-29). It's the Water Festival. Although there is no celebration in respect to the King's passing away last month, it's still a holiday.

I had planned to maximize this holiday - to catch up with my blog posts, sort out clothes for giveaway, plan itinerary for upcoming Philippine's trip and to play spider solitaire to my heart's content. LOL!

But my body had a different idea. I am sick.

Well, I am feeling better right now. But yesterday morning, I developed a rash on my arms which has spread to the rest of my body in the afternoon.

It was so itchy! I tried applying an OTC with stainless steel tube bending looking gel but it did not give me the relief I wanted. The itchiness literally drove me mad because I cannot scratch it for fear it will break and become worse and infected.

We went to the doctor in the evening. He gave me some antihistamine, an antibacterial wash and some effervescent table to help my digestion and excrete the toxins away.

I went home and hoped I would get better. But it became worse.

I was not able to sleep last night. The rash was burning and itchy and I had goosebumps from preventing myself to scratch the rashes. I have to say, I am impressed with my will power last night.

Early this morning, we went to our regular doctor. She told me it's urticaria. Strange though, she said,  because it's only worse on the inner side of my arms and legs.

First, she told me to stop eating the following for a week: seafood, eggs, dairy products, chocolates and ice cream.

Second, she gave me two injections.

And third she gave me zyrtec, prednisolone, calcium sandoz, phenergan cream (because I asked) and zentel (after rashes go away) for de-worming because she doesn't have an idea which caused the rashes.

I am feeling a lot better now. There's still some itch here and there but it's tolerable. The red rash has turned into pale pink now.

Hopefully, I will be 100% okay tomorrow so I can still enjoy the remaining holiday.

Consultation fee here in Phnom Penh is around $20-30. If holiday, it's $50. It's so expensive compared to Manila! On that note, I wasted $50 on consultation fee plus the medicine I bought last night (which my doctor advised to throw in the bin!). Ugh!

November 26, 2012

Power Breakfast Meals for the Kiddo

I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I never skip it and I make sure the boys don't skip it either.

For EJ, I try to make his breakfast varied each day. But there's one thing that's always present - fruits.

Here's a couple example of EJ's breakfast:

Tuna sandwich on toasted wheat bread, small sausages, apple, red grapes, water and his vitamins.

Baked beans, scrambled egg, toasted wheat bread, black grapes, chocolate milk and his vitamins.

Hubby and I usually have monotonous breakfast during the weekday. We only have a slice of bread each with peanut butter (or a slice of cheese), coffee and a fruit. Just like EJ, we always have fruits too.

Are you a breakfast person? What do you usually have?

November 25, 2012

Modern or Contemporary

Do you know the difference between a modern and a contemporary design? I don't. And try as hard as I could to see the difference, I just can't.

So I researched a little bit. Here's the difference between modern and contemporary according to relishinteriors:

"..the term “Modern” in interior design really refers to “Mid Century Modern”. It is recognizable by it’s clean, unadorned interiors. Use of natural materials such as wood, leather, teak and linen are prominent. Molded plywood and plastic is very popular in modern furniture, as well as polished metal. Furniture is very open and raised off the floor allowing for an airy feeling. Walls are often white adding to the expansive feeling. Modern interiors generally have bare floors and if area rugs are used, they are typically wool, and neutral in colour. Hints of colour were used in moderation..

..."Contemporary" by definition means “existing, occurring, or living at the same time; belonging to the same time.” And that is exactly the same for the use of the term in interior design. Contemporary design refers to what is popular or used right now. Contemporary design can be very eclectic for that reason, because it is ever changing and borrows pieces and styles from all different eras.."

There you go! But to be honest, I am still confused. LOL!

Anyway, I shouldn't think much about it. I had to tackle this issue because we were planning to furnish our condo unit in Manila and hubby and I were discussing what kind of design we would go for.

For me, either contemporary or modern is fine (as if I know the difference!). All I know is that I want something simple, comfortable and easy on the eyes furniture pieces. I will leave all the right terms to the interior designer or people who know more about designing.

For the bedroom, I want bedroom sets like these two:

I like the first one for its tall headboard. It looks very comfortable. But I like the second one better. I am just not sure if it is smart to put something like that in condo. Unless of course you have a really huge condo space.

What about you, guys? When it comes to design, which do you favor most?

November 17, 2012

Love Note

EJ handed me this note a week ago. I thought it was his usual drawing so I did not look at it right away. I was busy reading something on my twitter account.

EJ said "Mom, read it!"

He said, it's his "love note" to me :)

Awww!!! Thank you so much baby. I am sure the definition of your "love note" will change someday and I won't be the recipient of this love note anymore. But I hope I will still continue to receive notes from you. And I fervently hope that you won't change your mind about me when you become a teenager. I love you so much and I will always be here for you.


Our 1-bedroom Sea Residences Condominium at SM Mall of Asia is available for rent. It is semi-furnished with built-in cabinets, electric stove, exhaust, water heater in the bathroom and an aircon.

It is on the 12th floor, with balcony and facing Makati area. Rent is P15,000/month and minimum rent is for six months. Please leave a comment or email me at mjosiet (at) hotmail (dot) com if you're interested.

No spammers and scammers, please. I've had enough of you. I wish I could do background checks at but it's not as easy as that.

Anyway, we are also open to furnishing the unit if you so desire. Thanks!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

November 16, 2012

What's for Lunch?

I just came back from bringing EJ's lunch to school. Today, I prepared chicken fingers and sautéed green beans for him.

EJ likes to dip the chicken fingers in ketchup and mayonnaise but I forgot to put the mayo today. My bad!  I should really order notepads from, so I won't forget things like this.

Anyway, EJ's teacher came up to me today. I thought "Uh-oh, what have you done this time EJ?"

EJ's teacher said, "We had a spelling test today. And as usual, EJ got it all correct but his penmanship still needs improvement."


I thought EJ has gotten into a fight or had another accident. Whew! I hope my sigh of relief wasn't too obvious. LOL!

So this weekend, we'll be doing lots of practice writing.

November 13, 2012

All Set

Almost everything has been booked and arranged for our trip to the Philippines next month!

We're flying with Cathay Pacific for the first time. That enough is something to look forward to. I have already booked our hotel accommodations in Manila and our flight to the province. I have even asked my father this early what kind of food to prepare when we arrive home. LOL!

There is only one thing I need to do - find wooden trellises in Manila. I've seen some cute ones online and I am inspired to put one in the province. I bet it would look good in our old home.

If I can't find these in Manila, maybe we can just duplicate it. That way, I won't have to bring it from Manila to Surigao.

I have been telling hubby I can't wait to go home. I wish it's already December. Surprisingly, hubby feels the same way.

Just over a month and we'll be home sweet home. Can't wait!


Have an inspiring Tuesday, everyone!

November 12, 2012


Hubby jokingly said that Street 51 should be renamed to Coffee Street as the street has a coffee shop in almost every corner now.

On our last count, there are 5 coffee shops already in Street 51 in BKK area. And two are still under construction. That's a lot of coffeeshops in one tiny area.

But we are not complaining! It means more choices for us and hopefully cheaper prices because of competition.

Last Saturday, we visited the newly opened Kiriya. This one is just walking distance from our apartment.

We ordered a tall white chocolate mocha, plain croissant and a small bottle of water. The bill amounted to $6.25. We thought it's a little expensive compared to Gloria Jeans or Brown Coffee.

The three musketeers. Hahaha!

Kiriya just opened last week, I think. I asked one of the staff if they have delivery service. He said they will have delivery service soon. That's great to know!

The white chocolate mocha was good, service was nice (they served us cold water without us asking for it), and the place has a nice feel. We just think the music was a little loud and the prices a tiny bit higher compared to the rest of the coffeeshops.

November 11, 2012

Day 3 in Japan: Tokyo Disneyland

At this point, our travels are mainly to places with entertainment for kids. I have been itching to go to India but unfortunately for a 6-year old kid, I think it wouldn't be as interesting as visiting a theme park or the beach. So we've deferred visiting places like this for our future travels when EJ is old enough to appreciate history and not theme parks alone.

I am not complaining though. The places we've been to: Paris, Brussels, Singapore, Hongkong, Bali, etc are also places I would want to visit myself. And our recent travel to Japan has also been a long wish of mine. We just have to include Disneyland for EJ.

Tokyo Disneyland on Halloween Theme

Park Tickets 1-Day Passport:
Adults (ages 18 and above) - ¥6,200
Junior (ages 12-17) - ¥5,300
Child (ages 4-11) - ¥4,100

If you live in Japan, you can buy the park tickets online. For international clients, you can reserve your ticket online but you still have to pick up and pay your ticket at Disneyland itself.

For an international client like me, I think it is better to just buy the ticket on the day of your visit. We went there on a Monday and there was no line at the ticket counter. I think it will be a different story though if it's peak season.

Spookyville Parade

Chip N' Dale

Goofy and son Max


Here comes the star of the show

Here's Mickey Mouse!

Daisy Duck

Minnie Mouse

Spookyville Parade

In our visit to Hongkong and Paris Disneyland, Mickey Mouse was available for picture taking right after the main gate. But in Tokyo Disneyland, you have to go to Mickey's house to see him and photo with him.

Lining up to see Mickey Mouse inside his house

Mickey's living room area

After an 80-minute queue, EJ finally met Mickey Mouse!

How are you, Mickey? :)

Happy to meet Mickey in Tokyo!

We know that one day is not enough to visit all the attractions inside so we only made time for those that are interesting to EJ.

Lightning McQueen is one of EJ's fave characters

Waiting for the ride. EJ was so excited!

At 4:30PM, we were already tired and decided to call it a day. What's nice in Tokyo Disneyland is that they have several parades throughout the day. On that day, there were four parades. You don't have to wait at 7PM to watch the parade unless of course you want to see the fireworks which we decided we can afford to miss.

Bye Mickey Mouse!

See you in another place.

Happy Independence Day, Cambodia!

It was a holiday last Friday as Cambodia celebrated their 59th anniversary of independence from France. Here's the Independence Monument, all glammed up and ready for the celebration last Thursday night.

Photo taken by hubby on his iPhone. Happy Independence Day, Cambodia! 

November 7, 2012


EJ brings home a couple of school work, otherwise known as homework, everyday.

At the start of the school year, the homework were very easy. It was just writing the alphabets and numbers.

To be honest, EJ was bored with it. He would say, "this is too easy." But we always tell him however easy the homework was, he still needs to finish it.

Lately, the homework has become challenging. And EJ likes it. Here's one of his homework:

I am not a fan of his handwriting. But that's another story.

When you were in Grade 1, did you do this kind of school activity already? Because during my time, we only did the alphabets and numbers.

Anyway, EJ does all his homework. We never answer it for him. Either hubby or I will sit with EJ and supervise his work. And that's it.

There are times when EJ and I would fight because sometimes he wouldn't follow my instructions, especially when it comes to his hand writing.

I guess I will never become one of those beverly hills tutors because I have almost zero patience. I will definitely get in trouble if the student does not follow what I say. LOL!

I shared the above picture to my siblings in facebook and they say that they also don't remember doing the same kind of school activity when they were in Grade 1.

Well, times have changed and kids are way advanced now. I have stopped being amazed when EJ started reading at the age of four.

November 5, 2012

Day 2 in Japan: Tokyo Tower and Sensoji Temple

On our second day, we woke up a little bit late. We had the much needed respite from the previous day's very hectic schedule.

The previous morning, we had breakfast at Starbucks Shibuya.

Starbucks in Shibuya has the view of the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, perfect for people watching and drinking your latte. Just a little information, the cafe latte (tall) costs 340 yen (about $4.5)

On our second day, we had our breakfast at McDonald's. It's also walking distance from our hotel. At 9am on a Sunday, the place was already full of young people. By young, I mean early 20s.

Just had breakfast, still not finished with the McDonald's coffee. We were about to cross the Shibuya Crossing.

That day, we were meeting our Japanese friend. They used to be based here in Cambodia but they're back in Japan now. Their eldest son was EJ's classmate for three years and bestfriend.

The first on our itinerary was Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower, an Eiffel tower inspired tower is a communications and observation tower built in 1958. At 333 meters it was the tallest tower in Tokyo before Tokyo Skytree was built.

EJ, Hubby, Osuke (EJ's bestfriend) and Mr. Kurata (Osuke's dad) took the stairs up to the first observation deck at 150 meters or 500 steps. While the girls (me, Yuki and Chihiro) took the elevator.

EJ, exhausted already at 100 steps. He wanted to go home at the instant. LOL!

After sweating it out, they finally made it to the 1st floor. EJ is still dizzy and maybe a little disoriented here. Hubby who took the picture was obviously tired as well, based on this blurry picture he took of EJ. Anyhow, well done boys!

At Tokyo Tower

View from Tokyo Tower

Hubby at the foot of Tokyo Tower

Kids at the miniature Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower Entrance Fees:
820 yen for adults
600 yen for kids

Our next destination was to meet up with another Japanese friend who were also based here in Cambodia but are now living in Tokyo. Their youngest daughter was also EJ's classmate then.

We met up at Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center, the building just opposite the Sensoji Temple. At the background is the Asahi Beer Building and the Tokyo Skytree.

At the first gate of Sensoji Temple called Kaminarimon. Sensoji Temple is also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple. It's one of the popular Buddhist temple in Tokyo.

After the first gate, you'll be entering a shopping street called Nakamise. If you're planning to buy souvenirs, there a lot to choose from: folding fans, japanese snacks, etc. I bought two paper dolls here.

Entering the second gate..

This is the second gate called Hozomon.

At the main hall. Here's a little bit of history about the temple from

The legend says that in the year 628, two brothers fished a statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, out of the Sumida River, and even though they put the statue back into the river, it always returned to them. Consequently, Sensoji was built nearby for the goddess of Kannon. The temple was completed in 645, making it Tokyo's oldest temple.

After Sensoji Temple, our friends brought us to a restaurant nearby and had an authentic Okonomiyaki or Japanese pancake.

In our table, Mr. Kurata was in-charge with "cooking" of the okonomiyaki and the monjyayaki.

Okonomiyaki  and Monjyayaki. Both are very delicious and filling. From what I have seen, the ingredients are almost the same but monjyayaki doesn't firm up. You eat it directly from the grill using a small spatula.

It was a lovely day with friends and we couldn't thank them enough. I hope we would be able to repay the favor one day in the Philippines :)