November 28, 2012

Expensive to Get Sick

Cambodia has a lot of holidays. Most of the holidays are not your typical one-day holiday. For example, a King's holiday is celebrated in three days. Water Festival is also three days, among others.

This is one of the things I love about Cambodia - long and many holidays.

Right now, we are enjoying (relatively speaking) a three-day holiday (November 27-29). It's the Water Festival. Although there is no celebration in respect to the King's passing away last month, it's still a holiday.

I had planned to maximize this holiday - to catch up with my blog posts, sort out clothes for giveaway, plan itinerary for upcoming Philippine's trip and to play spider solitaire to my heart's content. LOL!

But my body had a different idea. I am sick.

Well, I am feeling better right now. But yesterday morning, I developed a rash on my arms which has spread to the rest of my body in the afternoon.

It was so itchy! I tried applying an OTC with stainless steel tube bending looking gel but it did not give me the relief I wanted. The itchiness literally drove me mad because I cannot scratch it for fear it will break and become worse and infected.

We went to the doctor in the evening. He gave me some antihistamine, an antibacterial wash and some effervescent table to help my digestion and excrete the toxins away.

I went home and hoped I would get better. But it became worse.

I was not able to sleep last night. The rash was burning and itchy and I had goosebumps from preventing myself to scratch the rashes. I have to say, I am impressed with my will power last night.

Early this morning, we went to our regular doctor. She told me it's urticaria. Strange though, she said,  because it's only worse on the inner side of my arms and legs.

First, she told me to stop eating the following for a week: seafood, eggs, dairy products, chocolates and ice cream.

Second, she gave me two injections.

And third she gave me zyrtec, prednisolone, calcium sandoz, phenergan cream (because I asked) and zentel (after rashes go away) for de-worming because she doesn't have an idea which caused the rashes.

I am feeling a lot better now. There's still some itch here and there but it's tolerable. The red rash has turned into pale pink now.

Hopefully, I will be 100% okay tomorrow so I can still enjoy the remaining holiday.

Consultation fee here in Phnom Penh is around $20-30. If holiday, it's $50. It's so expensive compared to Manila! On that note, I wasted $50 on consultation fee plus the medicine I bought last night (which my doctor advised to throw in the bin!). Ugh!