November 7, 2012


EJ brings home a couple of school work, otherwise known as homework, everyday.

At the start of the school year, the homework were very easy. It was just writing the alphabets and numbers.

To be honest, EJ was bored with it. He would say, "this is too easy." But we always tell him however easy the homework was, he still needs to finish it.

Lately, the homework has become challenging. And EJ likes it. Here's one of his homework:

I am not a fan of his handwriting. But that's another story.

When you were in Grade 1, did you do this kind of school activity already? Because during my time, we only did the alphabets and numbers.

Anyway, EJ does all his homework. We never answer it for him. Either hubby or I will sit with EJ and supervise his work. And that's it.

There are times when EJ and I would fight because sometimes he wouldn't follow my instructions, especially when it comes to his hand writing.

I guess I will never become one of those beverly hills tutors because I have almost zero patience. I will definitely get in trouble if the student does not follow what I say. LOL!

I shared the above picture to my siblings in facebook and they say that they also don't remember doing the same kind of school activity when they were in Grade 1.

Well, times have changed and kids are way advanced now. I have stopped being amazed when EJ started reading at the age of four.