November 12, 2012


Hubby jokingly said that Street 51 should be renamed to Coffee Street as the street has a coffee shop in almost every corner now.

On our last count, there are 5 coffee shops already in Street 51 in BKK area. And two are still under construction. That's a lot of coffeeshops in one tiny area.

But we are not complaining! It means more choices for us and hopefully cheaper prices because of competition.

Last Saturday, we visited the newly opened Kiriya. This one is just walking distance from our apartment.

We ordered a tall white chocolate mocha, plain croissant and a small bottle of water. The bill amounted to $6.25. We thought it's a little expensive compared to Gloria Jeans or Brown Coffee.

The three musketeers. Hahaha!

Kiriya just opened last week, I think. I asked one of the staff if they have delivery service. He said they will have delivery service soon. That's great to know!

The white chocolate mocha was good, service was nice (they served us cold water without us asking for it), and the place has a nice feel. We just think the music was a little loud and the prices a tiny bit higher compared to the rest of the coffeeshops.