November 26, 2012

Power Breakfast Meals for the Kiddo

I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I never skip it and I make sure the boys don't skip it either.

For EJ, I try to make his breakfast varied each day. But there's one thing that's always present - fruits.

Here's a couple example of EJ's breakfast:

Tuna sandwich on toasted wheat bread, small sausages, apple, red grapes, water and his vitamins.

Baked beans, scrambled egg, toasted wheat bread, black grapes, chocolate milk and his vitamins.

Hubby and I usually have monotonous breakfast during the weekday. We only have a slice of bread each with peanut butter (or a slice of cheese), coffee and a fruit. Just like EJ, we always have fruits too.

Are you a breakfast person? What do you usually have?