December 17, 2012

Beautiful Haneda International Airport

I love airports. I guess it's connected to the fact that I love to travel.

My favorite airport so far is Changi International Airport in Singapore. It's beautiful, clean, huge and with all the comforts a traveler could ask for.

The worst airport experience for me would have to be at Charles de Gaulle International Airport. There was not enough chairs at the boarding lounge (we were flying Emirates) and not enough dining choices inside.

Anyway, I am here to talk about Haneda International Airport.

When we arrived at Haneda airport, I wasn't able to fully appreciate the place because we were in a hurry to catch our bus to the hotel. But I already noticed that it's huge and orderly.

When we were about to fly out of Tokyo, we had ample time to roam around the airport.

Hubby and I loved the commercial area of the airport. It's so Japanese (of course!). Here are some of our pictures.

Haneda International Airport




They have an observation deck which we weren't able to check because we stayed too long having our dinner. LOL! I would have loved to explore the rest of the airport but we had to check-in already.

For me, Haneda International Airport has just joined the list of my favorite airports. Where is your favorite airport?