December 5, 2012


When I picked up EJ from school yesterday, he told me that he cried in school two times. I asked him why?

He said a certain classmate pushed him two times.

Did he do it on purpose or was it an accident, I asked?

EJ said his classmate did it on purpose.

This is not new to me. So I calmly told him, he has several options. One, tell his teachers about it. Second, tell the classmate to stop doing it. And lastly, if that classmate doesn't stop bullying/pushing him he should push back!

But that's not nice, EJ said.

Well baby, welcome to the real world!

No, I did not tell him that. LOL! This is what I told him: Bullies will never leave you if you don't fight back. If you just cry and and show him that he can push you around, he will do just that. But if you show him that you know how to fight back, they will stop bullying you. Do you understand?

He said, okay.

EJ is a really friendly kid. I am confident he doesn't start or provoke any fights. The problem is he doesn't know how to fight back. He just cries.

As a parent, I think it's important that our kids know early on that life has bullies in every form everywhere. You cannot just sit and mope around if someone stomps on you. There are times when we have to stand up on our own and just do what's right and that is to fight back!

I've never been a provocateur of any fights myself. But I will not take it sitting down if someone hits me below the belt (literally and figuratively). I am a fighter and I am a survivor. LOL!


Anyway, I am getting more and more excited about Christmas. We, especially EJ is counting down to our flight date. It's just twelve more days!

Are you excited about Christmas as well?