December 4, 2012

Day 4 in Japan: Tokyo Station, Imperial Palace and Ginza

On our last day in Japan, we wanted it to be in a leisurely pace because the past three days had been hectic and we were definitely running out of energy.

We woke up a little bit late, around 8:30am probably. Took a leisurely breakfast at Starbucks Shibuya and went to ride the train going to Tokyo Station.

Hubby, inside one of Tokyo's clean and efficient trains.

Inside Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station at the background, the prominent red brick building. Tokyo Station is one of the busiest railway station in Tokyo and home to a lot of high-speed train lines. It first opened on December 1914 and was destroyed during the world war in 1945. The present structure is undergoing renovation and is expected to be finished by next year.

After countless picture taking around Tokyo Station, we proceeded to Imperial Palace which is just walking distance from Tokyo Station.

The boys at the entrance to Imperial Palace

The Palace itself is actually not accessible to the public, only the park outside. I've read though that on the Emperor's birthday (December 23) and January 2 (New Year's Greeting), visitors are allowed inside the Palace grounds and garden and if luck is in your side, you might see the members of the Imperial family on their balcony as they make several appearances.

Are these bonsai trees? They look like bonsai but bigger of course.

View of the Marunouchi buildings from the Imperial Palace area

The Nijubashi Bridge, two bridges that form an entrance to the inner palace grounds.

After Imperial Palace, we rested at this park in front of the Palace. The weather was nice and it was a good day to just sit back and relax. But the curiosity to discover Ginza prevailed more, so we headed there.

Ginza is where you should go if you have stash of money to spend because from what I read, everything is expensive here. Our guide during the Mt. Fuji trip said, Tokyo people just go to Ginza to window shop.

But of course, that did not stop us from going there. In fact, it has made us more intrigued.


Printemps, the famous Paris based department store is also in Ginza.

Ginza Station

At Chou Dori. One of the main streets of Ginza. This is where the flagship store of Uniqlo is found. Of course, we did not hesitate to go there.

Uniqlo flagship store in Ginza, all 12 floors of it! It's a shopping heaven for budget shoppers like us! See, not everything in Ginza is expensive :)

Our last day in Tokyo couldn't have ended better - a little bit of history, parks, and shopping.