December 7, 2012

One Too Many

I am a happy camper today. It seems like the rashes and itchiness has permanently left my whole body. I was able to exercise without any rashes breaking out. Yay!

Anyway, I woke up pretty early today. I think it was only about 2:50am but I couldn't bring myself to sleep anymore. So instead of forcing myself to get some more shut eye I just woke up and became productive.

I took my laptop and did some work - check the Marine challenge coins my brother asked me to, organized my gift list and shared a little of my blog earning to the Pablo victims in the Philippines thru Redcross. If you also want to donate some money, you can visit their website ( I also sorted out my handmade jewelries and I have decided to give some of it as presents to families and friends.

Then, I did a makeshift countdown page and posted it in our bedroom wall. I am sure a gradeschooler can do better than this. LOL! I have no creativity whatsoever! I will ask EJ to make this one prettier if not make a new one.

Yup, it's 10 more days before our flight to the Philippines. We are just so excited! Everything is planned and booked. All we have to do is show up. Hahaha!

I don't know, there's just something different about this Christmas. Maybe because we are finally celebrating Christmas in the Philippines after six or is it seven years?

We always go home but for some reason or another we don't go home on Christmas time. But this year, we planned it and made it happen.

I am sure this 3-week vacation will just fly by. But I am definitely certain I will enjoy every moment of it. Can't help being positive, I probably had an overdose of positivity this morning when I woke up really early. LOL!

Happy Friday everyone! Let's spread the holiday cheer around us.