December 13, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Visits

One of EJ's front lower tooth came off yesterday while he was in school. It was "wobbly" for several days now and he was excited that finally one of his milk tooth is coming off.

I guess one of the reason he is excited or should I say the main reason he is excited is the possibility of a visit from the tooth fairy.

I told EJ that if his tooth fell off while in school, he should wrap the tooth in a tissue paper and bring it back home so we could write a letter to the tooth fairy.

EJ brought back the tooth yesterday. So I guess he listened to my instructions. Hehe.

I told him to write the letter and here is what he said:

I laughed at the last part. He was not sure if his tooth was clean. LOL!

In fairness to EJ, his teeth are really healthy and white. He doesn't eat much of candies and sweets and he always brush his teeth two times a day. He doesn't have any rotten tooth.

We put the letter and his tooth (wrapped in paper) under his pillow and excitedly slept early.

When he woke up, he forgot about his letter and tooth. I had to remind him. He checked under the pillow and this is what happened.

{What have you got in there, EJ? Did the tooth fairy come?}

{Oh, a letter and some cash? Cool!}

The tooth fairy gave EJ $5 for the shiny tooth and reminded him to visit the dentist regularly and to eat healthy snacks all the time.

Show me the missing tooth, baby. are still handsome! And don't worry, a new tooth will come out soon.

EJ had some questions afterwards:

"Mom/Dad, how come we never heard the tooth fairy when she was here?" Well, we were fast asleep.

"Mom/Dad, how does she know my name?" The tooth fairy has a list of kids with good teeth. Just like Santa does. They only visit kids who are nice and who have shiny white teeth.