December 6, 2012

Will You Buy This?

I saw these DOLE Pineapples in Lucky grocery the other day. These are from the Philippines and I almost put one in my basket.

Then I saw the price - $3.80! Opppsies.

I know these are imported but I don't think I can afford to pay that much. I can probably get a local pineapple for a fraction of that amount. Probably not as sweet and tasty but I bet it would have the same nutritional value.

Hahaha! I skipped it.

I remember I also saw mangoes from Australia in Lucky and a piece cost $6.50. Whoa! Hubby told me to get one so we could find out why it was that expensive.

I said, no thank you. I'll just buy the local one. Six dollars will get me a dozen or even more.

Am I stingy? Hahaha! Don't answer that.

But honestly, I also splurge occasionally. I buy some "expensive" items or food once in a while but I also have a limit.

A six-dollar mango is just too much. And an almost four-dollar pineapple is the same.

~ Happy Thursday, blogland! ~