January 23, 2013

The Mind Museum Experience

The last time we where in the Philippines, someone recommended we visit The Mind Museum at The Fort in Taguig. But at that time we had a lot of errands to do so we were not able to go there.

This recent visit to Philippines, we made sure to include a trip to The Mind Museum.

The Mind Museum is a science museum and it is the first one of its scale and scope in the Philippines. They've made science accessible, fun and engaging to kids and to the kids at heart.

Their galleries or exhibitions cover Atom, Earth, Life, Universe and Technology. To be honest, I am not sure if EJ learned something but what I am sure of is that he did enjoy "playing" with the interactive exhibits. We all did. It was actually a fun afternoon.

Here are some of our pictures. I am sorry if the quality of the pictures are poor. I always forget to bring our DSLR. Lately, I just rely on my iPhone for picture taking. Sometimes I get good pictures outdoor but indoor is a different story. Note to self, must bring a real camera with me all the time.

{Ate Mai and Sam}

We went with my brother, sis-in-law and niece Sam. The kids had great fun inside.

They have a feature exhibit called Biorhythm which will run until Feb 2013 only. Biorhythm was created by Science Gallery in Dublin, and presented at the World Science Festival in New York.

According to their website "BIORHYTHM Music and the Body will allow you to feel how music moves your body through an interactive bazaar of unique sonic experiences, installations, experiments and performances from musicians, engineers and neuroscientists from around the world." We did not check this out because it was another ticket. You have to pay additional P250.

The Mind Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, and closed every Mondays.

Adults: P600 (3-hour pass)
Children and Students (up to College): P450
Public School Students (up to College) and Teachers: P150
All Day Pass: P750
2 feet below: free

Time Slots:
9am - 6pm (Tuesday-Friday)
9am-9pm (Sat, Sun)

January 20, 2013

Coffee Shop in Phnom Penh: Costa Coffee

I think there's a coffee craze going on in Phnom Penh. There's at least one coffee shop popping up once a month! But I am not complaining. I love a good latte. And I love hanging out in these places.

Costa Coffee, another international brand has opened in Phnom Penh last month.

At first, I though this was a local brand. It was my husband's boss who pointed out that this is an international brand. I know now why I am not familiar with this brand. It's because it has not reached Philippines yet.

{Cafe Latte}

The coffee was good. I did not order any food that day because I was still full from lunch so I can't say anything yet about their food. But the thing I liked the most about Costa Coffee was their place. It felt every welcoming.

I also love their chairs. Very contemporary and very comfy.

I took a video of the place. If I could find a very good video editor, I would post it here. For now, the pictures will suffice.

I checked their website and found out that Costa Coffee was first served in London on 1971. They have since expanded worldwide.

Costa Coffee in Phnom Penh is located at Street 51, BKK1.

January 17, 2013

Some of Madrid's Local Food

You may know Madrid as the famous city in Spain but to me, Madrid is in Surigao del Sur, my beloved town, the place where I grew up.

Here are some of our local food that I love and crave when I am away.


A steamed cassava cake with coconut jam filling. The ones sold in the market are not that sweet. So when we were there last month, we ordered and asked it to be a little sweeter. It was perfect. It is best enjoyed when it is still warm.


Litson/Lechon can be had all over the world now. It's not distinct to us but I love our local version. Somehow the skin is crunchier and the meat is juicy and bursting with aromatic flavor. My husband says that in his hometown (San Quintin, Pangasinan), a celebration is not complete without kambing (goat). And just like in our town, a celebration is not complete without a litson.


I went to our local tyangihan (tiangge/wet market) just to buy this yumminess. It's a fried dough with sesame seeds as coating. It's crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Gosh, writing this post makes me long for Madrid. Someday, one day I won't have to crave for these food because we will be living there. I just don't know when. But it will happen.

What's your favorite local food when you were growing up?

January 14, 2013

Merienda in My Mind

It's only a week since we got back but I am already missing the food from the Philippines. LOL!

This is what a cloudy day does to me. I'm supposed to listen to books online free but my mind has wandered back to the food I had during our vacay.

Dad's Merienda Buffet at Megamall is a must stop for every balikbayan. It is for me. At P199 (P239 for weekend) per person, it's totally sulit.

Aside from Pinoy snacks, they also have some western food like spaghetti, carbonara, sandwiches, etc. But my all time favorites are the Pinoy snacks...

Turon and Camote Cue. I love how they make these two. The sugar is not fully caramelized adding crunch to every bite. Yum!

Hubby's favorite - puto and dinuguan. I also like their dinuguan but I can only eat so much. This weekend, I am gonna buy a sweet potato and make a camote cue. I hope make it good :)

January 10, 2013

And We're Back

We arrived back in Phnom Penh last Monday night. As usual, I had a hard time saying goodbye to Philippines.

This was at the Hongkong International Airport. Look how big we got in just 3 weeks in the Philippines. I gained almost 3kgs. LOL! It's worth it though. I will just exercise and eat healthy again.

I've mentioned we were flying Cathay Pacific this trip. What a disappointment! Service was lackadaisical and food was so-so. From Hongkong to Manila, we had pork puff and drinks. From Manila to Hongkong we had another puff of some sort with fruits and drinks. Thai Airways had better food than them!

Anyway, it was very cold in Hongkong on our way back to Cambodia, even inside the airport. I was really cold and I had no scarf so I used an AirAsia blanket to cover up while having drinks at Starbucks. LOL!

{Call the fashion police now! Hahaha!!!}

I love taking photos of the clouds everywhere I go. And this one looks like snow melting in the ocean.

{Photo edited through camera+}

It's now Thursday but my body clock is still adjusting to our old routine here. Waking up at 4am is so hard.

January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

Wishing everyone peace, love, contentment, and more blessings from God this year 2013.

{Fireworks display seen from our hotel room}

2012 has been good to me and my family. All the way to the end of 2012 has been sweet, although peppered and seasoned with trials and lessons along the way.

I am most thankful for our good health last year and I hope and pray we will have healthy mind and bodies this year as well. I am also thankful for the many opportunities and blessings God has sent our way. We are blessed and we know it.

On a personal note, this year, I see myself happy with the many opportunities and challenges that come my way and I will be a better person for it.

Once again, Happy New Year!