January 20, 2013

Coffee Shop in Phnom Penh: Costa Coffee

I think there's a coffee craze going on in Phnom Penh. There's at least one coffee shop popping up once a month! But I am not complaining. I love a good latte. And I love hanging out in these places.

Costa Coffee, another international brand has opened in Phnom Penh last month.

At first, I though this was a local brand. It was my husband's boss who pointed out that this is an international brand. I know now why I am not familiar with this brand. It's because it has not reached Philippines yet.

{Cafe Latte}

The coffee was good. I did not order any food that day because I was still full from lunch so I can't say anything yet about their food. But the thing I liked the most about Costa Coffee was their place. It felt every welcoming.

I also love their chairs. Very contemporary and very comfy.

I took a video of the place. If I could find a very good video editor, I would post it here. For now, the pictures will suffice.

I checked their website and found out that Costa Coffee was first served in London on 1971. They have since expanded worldwide.

Costa Coffee in Phnom Penh is located at Street 51, BKK1.