January 14, 2013

Merienda in My Mind

It's only a week since we got back but I am already missing the food from the Philippines. LOL!

This is what a cloudy day does to me. I'm supposed to listen to books online free but my mind has wandered back to the food I had during our vacay.

Dad's Merienda Buffet at Megamall is a must stop for every balikbayan. It is for me. At P199 (P239 for weekend) per person, it's totally sulit.

Aside from Pinoy snacks, they also have some western food like spaghetti, carbonara, sandwiches, etc. But my all time favorites are the Pinoy snacks...

Turon and Camote Cue. I love how they make these two. The sugar is not fully caramelized adding crunch to every bite. Yum!

Hubby's favorite - puto and dinuguan. I also like their dinuguan but I can only eat so much. This weekend, I am gonna buy a sweet potato and make a camote cue. I hope make it good :)