February 6, 2013

Coffee And My Hair

Some days are better than the other. And when I feel like I need a dose of happy pill, I turn to my new happiness in a cup:

{Dark Chocolate Ice Blended from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf}

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is not really new to me. But I don't know why I haven't tasted this delicious drink before. If you're a dark chocolate lover, I am sure you'll love this drink as well.

{At The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, BKK1 branch}

Last Saturday, the boys and I had breakfast at their branch in BKK1. I tried the Dark Chocolate Latte. It was good but I prefer the ice blended version.

Out of topic, my hair is growing longer. It is at its awkward stage. I wanted to grow it longer but now I am undecided. I am thinking of cutting it short again.

My only problem is that finding a consistently good hair stylist is a matter of luck. You can go to the same person but you'll get different results every time. It happened to me several times already. I wish salon los angeles is just on the next town. I bet there are tons of professionals to help me decide my hair. LOL!

Seriously, a bad hair has the potential to ruin a perfectly good day. But I try my hardest not to let my bad hair get to me. Haha!!!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Wish you all a lovely hair day!