February 27, 2013

In Photos: Wearing Traditional Khmer Costume

So I got our photos wearing traditional Khmer costume from the studio yesterday. The first picture I saw out of the envelope was of EJ. It looked good! EJ looked good! I swiftly scanned the rest of the photos, while the receptionist was downloading the digital copy in my hard drive.

Here's EJ's picture. Doesn't he look adorable?

When I was back in the car, I looked at the rest of the photos again. And that's when I realized, I wasn't quite satisfied with the outcome. We should have asked them if we could choose the background for our pictures. While EJ's background looks nice, we didn't quite like the background used in hubby's photo below.

Lesson learned #1: If you want backgrounds in your photos, ask them if you can choose a background for each photos. If you also don't like backgrounds, I guess you can specify that as well.

This photo was taken by hubby using my iPhone while the photographer was also taking my picture.

Here's the official photo. Notice any difference? It doesn't look like me anymore, does it? They airbrushed me too much. My face is too white and my collar bones are gone making my shoulders look uneven. All my pictures are like that. I guess for them it is unattractive. But in fairness, I like my background.

Lesson learned #2: Tell the photographer you don't want too much photoshopping/airbrushing. Or you can specifically say you don't want any photoshop done anywhere your body or your face if you feel that you look nice in the pictures already (you get to look at the raw pictures after the photoshoot to choose the pictures you want printed).

I didn't have time to really look at myself while being made up because everything was fast and new to me. My hairstyle looks okay but if I have the chance to do it again, I would have it done differently.

Lesson learned #3: Specify the hairstyle (for women) you want. If the make-up artist doesn't speak English, you can point the exact hairstyle you want from their photo examples (they usually have a lot to choose from).

Aside from EJ's picture above, the only other photo I like is this family photo of us. EJ's smile may look a bit fake but I like how his eyes lit up. He looks really handsome if I may say so myself. Hehe.

The digital files I asked are in the edited form already.

Lesson learned#4: Ask if you can have the raw files. That way, you can still edit the pictures to your own liking.

So here's the rundown. We paid $33 for 9 printed photos and a digital copy. The costume and the make-up was included already. Out of the nine pictures, I like two.

I say, it's still a good deal. The whole experience was really fun and while all the pictures didn't quite turn out the way we wanted it, it was still an experience we will not easily forget.

If you're interested to experience this, you can check out the many photo studios along Monivong and Sihanouk Boulevard. We had our photos taken at SPK Colorlab (262A Monivong Street).

Have fun!