February 28, 2013

Keeping Up With The Boys

I have been feeling left out at home lately. Hubby and the kiddo talk in a language only the two of them understand. Sometimes they include me in their conversation but I just cannot keep up.

Last week, EJ borrowed my phone to text his Dad. I thought he was going to tell about the music stand for sale we saw on the music store on the way home from school. But this is what transpired on their text exchange.

I have no idea what they are talking about! Okay, well, I guess they are talking about the game Red Alert. I just don't have any idea what the game is all about.

Hubby and EJ tried to make me understand the game. EJ even tried to teach me but my limited mind cannot process the game so I stopped trying to understand.

Hubby said it's RPG (Role Playing Game). Whatever that means! LOL! EJ said the reason I don't understand is because I am not a "gamer" like him and his daddy. Thank you very much, babe. You just made me feel officially left out. Hahaha!

I also play games. I was even partly addicted to Farmville in Facebook before. But that was a long time ago. Now I mostly play spider solitaire on my phone and laptop. LOL!

I realized two things: EJ is growing up fast. He doesn't play the usual baby games that he used to play before. Second, boys will be boys. It's not a bad thing. It's actually nice that hubby and EJ enjoy doing something together.

If I don't learn to play their game, I might become just a ghost to them. Uh-oh, I better keep up.


Alde Cruz said...

lol. these reminds me when the kids and I were talking over the dinner about the plant and zombies and their Mom laughs so hard telling she had no idea what we are all talking about.

nice share!

Kat Landicho said...

I played Red Alert and Counter Strike when I was in college. Puro lalaki kalaro ko that time but I had fun.haha!And here's a little secret, my boyfriend and I met playing travian! (it's a war game naman).
Ms. Josiet, farmville is soo out na!Candy Crush Saga na sumisira ng schedules and friendship nowadays sa FB.LOL! I am warning you though, don't try it because it's super addicting!! :P

Josiet said...

Alde Cruz, thank you! I am just not interested in their games lol!

Kat, please call me Josiet. The Ms. makes me sound too old hehe. I hear that candy crush is really intense. It's also in the iPads and iPhones right? I haven't searched for it for fear I might get addicted :)