February 19, 2013

Khmer for a Day

Last Saturday, we went to a photo studio along Monivong Street and had our family photo taken wearing Traditional Khmer costume. I've never been really interested in doing this because a) the make-up worn by the girls are just too thick and over the top for me (make-up is part of the package) b) I've been told that make-up time takes about 3 hours and it's a turn off for me. I can't sit still for that long c) some pictures I've seen aren't done in good taste.

What changed my mind was when I saw a picture from EJ's classmate. Their family had their picture taken, all of them wearing Khmer costumes and they looked fabulous! The mom told me it's a good souvenir from Cambodia. And I agree.

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask where they had their pictures taken. They left Cambodia already.

So I researched a bit and I learned that this is a not a new concept. A lot of foreigners have done this. It's one of those fun non-touristy things you can do but still give you a glimpse of the customs and traditions of Cambodia.

From my research, any photo studio in Phnom Penh will do this thing. So we headed to Monivong Boulevard as we saw a cluster of photo studios there. We chose SPK Colorlab because the receptionist was very friendly and welcoming.

Here's a sneak peek of our shoot. LOL! I purposely said that to make it sound like I am a model. LOL!

{The photographer helping me with my poses}

The official photos will be available after one week. This one was taken by hubby. I am excited to see if it turns out okay. I will definitely share it here. If not, we'll try again another studio. LOL!

Here are some information you may want to know if you're interested to have your photo taken wearing traditional Khmer costume:
  •  Price is $15 for 3 photos (women) including make-up and costume. But you can always haggle.
  •  For men and children, price is $9 for 3 photos including costume.
  • Make-up time took less than 30 minutes for me. I specifically told the girl doing my make-up to make it light. And she did.
  • You can bring your own make up if you like. I don't have a make-up set because I don't wear make-up at all.
  • You can choose the color of your costume.
  • You can ask for a digital copy of your photos. Just bring a flash drive.
Surprisingly EJ had fun doing this. I expected him to whine about time and the costume, but he played along well. Maybe he liked the costume. He actually looked really handsome with his princely outfit and his mini sword, if I may say so. Hehe.

Hubby looked dashing in his costume too. He had a necklace on and he said it was heavy. LOL!

I can't wait to see our pictures. Even if it wouldn't turn out good like I expected, the whole experience had been fun. We definitely enjoyed being Khmer that day!