February 20, 2013

Ordering Online

Two Christmases ago, I sent Christmas cards to my friends, one in Maldives, one in Abu Dhabi and one in Australia. Guess what, nobody received a card from me. So I never bothered to send cards again last Christmas.

This is one of the example I hesitate buying online here in Cambodia. I am not that confident with the postal service here. So far though, I have received all my online orders. I have ordered from Amazon, from a bead supplier in US and the recent one from Victoria's Secret.

Yesterday, I received my Victoria's Secret package. I ordered it online and have it shipped via international shipping only (no tracking). Luckily, it arrived a day before the target date. Hubby picked it up for me and only had to pay 2,500Riels or $0.50 for the taxes. Yay!

Even though I have received all my orders online, I still feel jittery every time I hit the "buy now" button.

I am planning to order online again. I saw a nice green bag from Got Briefcases which is on sale. I want to buy a green bag because they say green is the lucky color this year of the water snake. And I think having a green bag will bring in more financial luck.

I also want to try to order from JCrew. I am always at their site. I have been lusting over some of their pieces but I always end up discarding my cart because of fear they might not arrive here.

But with the recent success in online ordering, I have gotten a little confident. I will let you know if I decide to buy the bag and some items from JCrew.


Photo Cache said...

i think tracking is a part of the online buying process that it comes standard with the shipping. i am not aware of orders where it doesn't come with tracking. at least all the items i bought online get tracking numbers sent to me when they email me about my purchases.

Josiet said...

Photo Cache, if you choose no tracking number it's cheaper but longer. I tried that in my latest order. And thank goodness it still came through. :)

Kat Landicho said...

Hi! Your post made me comment (although I have been reading your blog since last year) because I feel the same way everytime I shop online too especially that I'm not in Phnom Penh. I'm also here in Cambodia btw.:) Tried online shopping at UK stores a few times, and got all my packages, two packages were delayed but not much of an issue because both were purchased just before the CNY. I just noticed that from none to $2 and just recently, to $3, my taxes are getting higher, not complaining though as we know it's way much cheaper than the customs duties and taxes in the Philippines. :)

Josiet said...

Kat, hi! Thank your for reading my blog :)
You're right about the customs and taxes. It's cheaper here compared in Philippines. Let's hope the taxes here won't increase anymore.