February 12, 2013

Sweet and Fragrant

Over the weekend or the Chinese New Year, the supermarkets here were littered with a variety of fruits. I know most of the fruits but one particular fruit caught my attention. The label on the fruit stand says "fragrant pear" from China.

As I love pears, I took a couple or so and put it in my basket. Little did I know that this is the pear that will make EJ eat pears.

{Fragrant Pears}

This is the first time I've seen this kind. It almost looks like a guava from a far. The jade green skin has a waxy feel. The flesh is white, crisp and it is super sweet. I love it! I googled this fruit and it says it originated from China. The skin or the peel is edible which I haven't tried eating yet.

We have been trying to make EJ eat pear but he steadfastly refuses to eat. He'll try a very small bite and that's it. But with this fragrant pear, he has eaten one whole fruit (peeled and sliced) all to himself. Hurray!

One kilo of fragrant pear is $4.30 here. I should head back to the supermarket and get some more before they run out of stocks. It's a seasonal fruit, I read.

Hopefully, EJ will eat the regular pear later on. Have you eaten fragrant pears before?


With the Chinese New Year over, it's time for love once again as we all celebrate Valentine's Day. Well, hubby and I don't celebrate the date. I don't know. I guess it doesn't hold much meaning to me. And as for hubby, well, never mind. LOL!

Anyway, I have been looking for a good headphone lately because I use it more often now. I use it whenever I watch shows from tfc tv.

I have seen some nice headphones around town but I wish someone would give it to me instead of me buying it myself because it's a little above my budget. Haha!

I know we don't celebrate Vday but at this time, I wish we do so I could gently request hubby to give me a present. Psst hon, are you reading this? LOL!


I wish everyone a Happy Hearts Day!!! Let's love, love, love one another :)