February 7, 2013

The First Report Card

EJ brought home his first semester report card over the weekend. It was in his bag and he forgot to hand it over to us. He probably thought it was just a letter from his teacher. We only got to see it last Tuesday.

They were evaluated in all aspects including behavior and their special subjects like arts, music, physical education, swimming, etc. But the four main groups are: Social Studies, Mathematics, English and Science.

I am proud to say EJ did so well in everything. He's got "4" (excellent) all the way except for a couple of 3's in Math. Here's his report:

EJ got "3" for numbers up to 100 and for addition and subtraction. While "3" means very good, it still came as a surprise to us because EJ can do addition and subtraction without using his fingers. Well, I am probably just being a mother. Hahaha!

His English and Science evaluation were all "4". His love of reading has translated well into English and Science. EJ loves to read. He reads everything, from stories to science and even dictionaries :)

The teachers also say that EJ is a very good speller for a grade 1. He is very competitive but he gets frustrated easily when he doesn't get something right. His hand writing and his presentation of work still needs a lot of improvement.

It's nice to see that EJ is doing well in school. I know he needs to work on his hand writing but I am not worried about that. What I need to help him with is how to deal with his frustration. Hopefully in time, he'll master his emotions.


EJ, we are so proud of you! Mom and Dad will always be here to support you, guide you and cheer you on. We love you so much.