February 25, 2013

Year of the Green

According to Chinese astrology, this year is the year of the snake. To be specific, it's the year of the water snake and they say green is this year's color.

I didn't think of myself as superstitious but when you look at my things or some of my beliefs, you can say that to a certain degree I am indeed superstitious.

When I read that this year's color for luck and prosperity is green, I wanted to buy a dress or a bag in color green. But I haven't seen something which I like yet.

Last Saturday, I was shopping for a cover for my laptop. I actually wanted to buy a red or a pink cover. And then I remember green. Good thing they have this color. So I bought it right away.

I hope by buying this cover it will bring in more blogging work for me. LOL!

Speaking of blogging, I want to consolidate my blogs. I have four active blogs and I am thinking I could merge a couple of my blogs so I only have two. It's really difficult to maintain all four now. I am busy at home and there's also the problem of what to write in each blog.

I thought that having several blogs like other bloggers out there, I could earn more. But I am not sure it's working for me. I think I should put back my travel stories here. I don't have that much stories to share anyway. I am also thinking of merging my josiet's journey blog with this blog. If that happens, this blog will be a mish-mash of everything. But then again, it's already like that as it is. Hahaha!

Anyway, that's just a plan. I hope I could do it this year.


Happy Monday everyone!