March 8, 2013

Another Long Weekend

Good morning, Friday!

It's a long weekend again here in Cambodia because today is a holiday. But I guess, today is a holiday all over the world as we celebrate International Women's Day. Cheers to all of us, beautiful and strong women all over the world :)

Anyway, just a quick post.

When we were having our dinner at Lucky Burger's last night, I saw that WeXport in Sihanouk Boulevard, the store where we buy branded clothes at super bargain prices has changed its name.

It's now called DAH. Hmm, why the name change?

Really, the development and change this city is undergoing right now is unbelievable! If I am not mistaken, foreigners can still buy and own land here. If only I have money to spend, I would definitely invest here.


Have a great Friday, everyone! And to all the women who rock this world, enjoy your day today! :)