March 19, 2013

Investment Talks

When we went home on our last vacation, I decided, with hubby's approval of course, to withdraw our mutual fund from Sunlife. We planned to use the money to furnish our condominium in Sea Residences in Mall of Asia.

Now I kind of regret that we took our mutual fund out because a) someone rented our condo even without furnishings and b) the mutual fund value has gone up and is still showing continuous growth along with the Philippines' economic growth.

Since we haven't spent the money on furnishing our condominium, I am thinking of reinvesting it. But is it a wise decision at this time? Our agent says so. She said the economy is robust and she has offered us some stocks to buy but I am hesitant.

Of course, agents will tempt you to buy stocks or mutual funds or anything they are selling. But before I take the plunge, I think I will do my share of reading first.

Well, I am not really talking about a huge amount of money here. In fact, it's probably just a small change to everyone else. But I am not a risk taker when it comes to investing. I wish I were. You know what they say: Big risk, big return and small risk, small return. And that my friend is the reason why we're not rich. LOL!

Speaking of rich, someone told me the other day that sprinkling a little cinnamon in your wallet will hasten the return of any money that leaves your hands.

Have you heard of this?

Hmmm..I might try this. If nothing happens at least my wallet will smell like cinnamon. And I love cinnamon! LOL!