March 28, 2013

Resto in Phnom Penh: Charcoal

Yup, it's another restaurant/food post! I guess we've been eating out more than our usual this month and it shows not only in my post but in our bodies as well. LOL!

Charcoal BBQ and Soup is a pleasant surprise and a welcome addition to the dining choices in Phnom Penh.

They opened six months ago but I only learned about them last week when a cashier from a grocery store put Charcoal's  brochure in my shopping bag.

Charcoal is an all-you-can-eat self-cook BBQ skewers and Suki Soup.

For a price of $10.50 (adult) and $5.25 (children), you get to eat as many of these as you like: chicken, pork, beef, sausage, corn, squid, shrimps, etc. And you get to make a soup as much as you like.

What I like is that you get to barbecue your own. The griller is set in the middle of your table with real coal. The griller turns automatically on its own. You don't have to turn your skewer around. Pretty cool!

They also have cooked food like fried chicken, fried rice, spring rolls, french fries, etc.

Drinks like sodas, iced tea and water are all part of the buffet. Desserts include fresh fruits, some local delicacies and ice cream.

For a buffet restaurant, sometimes you expect that the food quality and taste will be sacrificed. But not Charcoal. We absolutely love their BBQ! Even the cooked food like fried chicken was delicious! We did not try the Suki Soup because we concentrated on eating the BBQ. LOL!

I guess it's the reason why the restaurant was full and the parking lot overflowing with cars. If you come in late, you'd probably have to get a parking lift just to be able to find a parking space. Hehe.

{Very happy customers}

The following day, EJ said, "mom, can we go back to that restaurant we ate in last night?" Even the kiddo loves the food! We're going back again this Friday. Goodluck with our bellies. LOL!

BBQ and Soup
No. 8, Sisowath Quay
Sangkat Chaktomuk
Tel # 023-4515100

4PM - 9:30PM