March 21, 2013

Tous Les Jours in Phnom Penh

We have a new favorite hangout place in town!

Tous Les Jours is a South Korean bakery and cafe which has franchises all over the world. They recently opened two shops in Phnom Penh, one in Monivong Street and the second and latest one in Sihanouk Boulevard.

Our favorite place is in Sihanouk.

{Freshly baked breads and pastries}

I love their whole wheat bread because it's soft and yummy. I also love their croissant. EJ likes the brownie and hubby likes their signature pan bread.


The cakes look pretty! Unfortunately, we haven't tried any of it yet.

The second floor is perfect for hanging out. I love their design. It looks relaxed yet elegant.

This was two Saturdays ago.

Hanging out with my beautiful and bubbly friend, Ate Elms.

And again, last Saturday with my boys.