April 30, 2013

Marina Bay Sands Wonder Full Show

Personally, I wasn't aware that there is a laser show called Wonder Full at Marina Bay Sands. So, I was pleasantly surprised when it started while we were hanging out in Marina Bay area after our dinner with hubby's college friends.

{with hubby's friends}

The show started at 8pm and lasted for about 15 minutes. The show is every night and it's free. So if you're planning to visit Marina Bay area or the Merlion Park, I think it's better at night time so you can catch this play of laser and lights.

April 28, 2013

Chocolate Bar at Marina Bay Sands

I entertained the idea of booking our hotel accommodation at Marina Bay Sands. I wanted to experience the famous infinity pool of the hotel (the pool is exclusive to inhouse guests). But I realize shopping would be more fun than swimming. LOL! So I booked at Mandarin Orchard instead.

While looking at the hotel's website, I saw that they have a dessert buffet every night at the Chocolate Bar located at the Sands Skypark. This is open to the general public. I brought the idea to the husband and he said okay. So I emailed them and made reservation on our second night in Singapore.

The Sands Skypark is the curved boat-like shape (according to EJ) thing on the top most level of the hotel where the infinity pool is located. Aside from the Chocolate Bar, they have a restaurant called Sky on 57 and also have the Observation Deck which is open to the public for 20SGD.

The cost of the dessert buffet is 38++SGD. If you are willing to pay 20SGD for the observation deck, I suggest you go for the dessert buffet instead. You get to enjoy unlimited sweets plus you have the best of the city and ocean view. You can also take pictures at the infinity pool which is off limits when you visit the observation deck.

{With hubby's college friends}

{cookies, pralines, chocolate on bread sticks, etc}

{macarons, tarts, chocolate ice cream, etc}

There were so many choices but you can only eat so much sweets in one night! I like the freshly made small donuts which I topped with cinnamon sugar. I also like the almond in dark chocolate. 

{Ocean view with Gardens by the Bay}

{At the Infinity Pool}

Some would say 38SGD is quite a lot to pay for dessert alone. I agree. But it's not just about the dessert. You get that from other buffet restaurants.  It's mostly about the view.

April 24, 2013

Day Tour at Legoland Malaysia

I booked our Legoland Malaysia Day Tour Package online from WTS Travel. The package includes two-way coach transfer from Singapore Flyer to Legoland Malaysia (and back), day pass at Legoland and coach travel insurance.

The travel from Singapore to Legoland (Johor Bahru, Malaysia) took about an hour and a half including stops at both immigration controls. The travel back to Singapore was shorter, less than an hour because there were no lines at both immigration controls and traffic was lighter.

EJ was super excited on the day we were to go to Legoland. He loves Lego! Here are some of our pictures

{Welcome to Legoland!}

{Forbidden City, China}

{Marina Bay Area, Singapore}

{Taj Mahal, India}

{Petronas Towers, Malaysia}

EJ loves the miniland, where architecture and landmarks from Asian cities where on display. He keeps on looking at his map and keeps on asking, "hmm, where to go next?"

We did not get to experience most of their rides because EJ was scared. He only tried the "safe" one, the boat ride. And he loved it.

It was a really hot day, the kind where you sweat buckets and give you migraine. EJ tolerated the heat until he could. But at around 3pm, he couldn't stand it anymore and asked to go to a cafe or somewhere cold because his "energy was draining". LOL!

Some parts of Legoland were still under construction and the Legoland Hotel is still being built. I think it would be worth going back there when everything is complete and the weather is much cooler.

WTS Travel Legoland Malaysia Day Tour Package:
Adult 63SGD
Child 53SGD

Legoland Ticket Prices:
Adult (12-59) 140RM
Child (3-11) 110RM
Senior (60-up) 110RM

Opening Hours:
10am - 6pm (Monday - Friday)
10am - 8pm (Saturday - Sunday)

April 19, 2013

Mandarin Orchard Singapore

For our Singapore trip this year, we decided to stay at Mandarin Orchard Singapore again. It's conveniently located at Orchard road and just walking distance to MRT stations. I actually wanted to book at Marina Bay Sands but I thought we could just use the rate difference to go shopping.

I booked a premier room with breakfast. They gave us a room on the 30th floor on the main tower. I was expecting a better room but the room we had was just so-so. I think the deluxe room we had last time was better. But I could be mistaken. This room is big though.

I always take a picture of the hotel room we stay in but this time our camera was in our big luggage and it wasn't brought to our room yet.

When it arrived, most of our things were already everywhere and I was too tired to get up from the bed. LOL! Hubby took some pictures instead.

Our room had the view of Takashimaya, the mall just beside the hotel.

Too tired to get up but wasn't too tired to dial in-room dining! LOL!

EJ said he wants to stay in Mandarin Orchard again next time we are in Singapore. He said he likes the buffet breakfast, which I also like. The service was great but I don't think we'll stay here again. The premier room, although big, wasn't what I expected. There were no bathrobes in the room (I could have asked from housekeeping, I guess); the hairdryer was very old (the one attached to the wall that looks like a vacuum, lol); and there was no turn down service.

Here's one good thing we found out though, they have the best blueberry cheesecake!

After a huge dinner with hubby's Mapua barkada on our first night, I was craving for a coffee and a cheesecake. I wanted to buy at Starbucks but since we had to walk to the nearby mall, I suggested we just buy at the hotel's cafe, Coffee & Crust.

I ordered blueberry cheesecake for hubby and I to share and macarons for EJ. I decided to just use the complimentary coffee in the room.

The blueberry cheesecake was the best I've ever tasted. I am a cheesecake person and I've eaten quite a lot of cheesecake already from different places. This one was best ever!

I asked EJ if he liked the macarons. He said it was delicious. I guess it was because in no time at all, he finished the two macarons I bought for him.

If there's one thing that would make me stay in Mandarin Orchard Singapore again, I think it would be the cheesecake. A cheesecake for every turn down service...hmm..that would be heavenly!

April 16, 2013

Hello from Singapore

Hi! We're currently in Singapore. It's our third day today and I am looking forward to seeing the new attraction called Gardens by the Bay.

On our first day, we met up with hubby's college friends at the Merlion Park.

We arrived early so we took to the time to take pictures.

It is so nice to be back to Singapore! I think this is one country I will never getting tired of visiting. Aside from the new attractions sprouting every year, I love the food and the shopping.

Speaking of food, hubby's friends brought us to Makansutra Gluttons Bay at Esplanade. Talk about gluttony! We had these hawker style food and more!

{Crunchy squid}

{Peppered crab}

I am still sorting our photos and I couldn't find the other food pictures. But suffice it to say, the food were delicious and I ate more than I should.

There are several Singaporean restaurants in Phnom Penh. I will definitely look up the crunchy squid in their menus next time we dine in.

This reminds me, I wish there's an online food ordering in Phnom Penh like Tasty Khana - click here. I am sure it will make my life much easier. If you want to know more about Tasty Khana, follow TastyKhana on twitter.

Yesterday, we went to Legoland Malaysia. It's in Johor Bahru and very close to Singapore.

EJ loves Lego and he definitely enjoyed the miniland where architectures from Asia were on display.

I will post more details next time as this is supposed to be a quick update only.

April 12, 2013

The Happy Kid

My friend, Ate Elma texted me the other day "Jo, you're not updating your blog. Are you busy?" I answered back "I don't have assignments, hence the silence on the blog. LOL!"

Kidding aside, thanks Ate Elms for following and reading my blog. I am amazed how despite your very busy schedule you still manage to check my blog and remind me about the lack of posts. Haha!

I am actually busy this week. We are going to Singapore on Sunday and I only finalized our itinerary this week. I also just finished booking our Legoland trip.

Legoland is in Johor, Malaysia but it's close to Singapore. If I am not mistaken, it is the first Legoland in Asia. It just opened last year. EJ is excited to check it out. He loves Lego!

I have also booked a table at The Chocolate Bar in Marina Bay Sands. It is a chocolate buffet restaurant  located at the hotel's famous Sands Skypark. You get to eat unlimited chocolates while enjoying the best view of the city and the ocean from the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands. Sounds pretty cool. We'll see.


We went to EJ's school yesterday for his second evaluation for the school year. EJ is doing well. In fact, he is ahead of his class in reading. His teacher has sent him to another class to be with another advanced reader during their reading time. That way, EJ doesn't get bored.

The teacher is also pleased that not only is he doing well in English, he is also quite good in Math and in other subjects.

What really stuck in my mind though was how the teacher described EJ. She said, EJ is like the life of their class. EJ is a happy kid and it's always fun when he is around. The teacher said that when EJ is not in the school, the class isn't as lively and happy.

I am so proud of our little man. But more than anything, I just want him to be happy.


Happy weekend, everyone! And to all Cambodians, Happy Khmer New Year! Enjoy the long holiday!

April 3, 2013

Being Together

I was chatting with an aunt via FB chat yesterday. I asked her how she is coping with her new life in the US. She said she's surprisingly doing okay for an old goat like her. Of course she's not old! She's just in the late 40s.

She went to the US last December when her immigrant visa was finally granted. She has been waiting for it for over two decades. And I am happy that she's finally over there together with her father and sisters.

She told me excitedly that she had finally experienced snow. She said she liked it for a few days but could barely stand the rest of the winter. I could imagine why. Hehe.

She also told me she's learning how to drive again so she could run errands or go to the groceries without bothering her sister. Good for her! I kid her about getting the driver's license. She said, she's not worried because there are dmvcheatsheets. Her sister has also patiently downloaded all the licensing information on the web and she's been reviewing it daily.

My aunt looks or sounds like she's adjusting well to her new life in the US. When I heard from my father (they are cousins) that she was finally granted the immigrant visa, I thought she wouldn't take it anymore. She already has a comfortable life in the Philippines and I thought she wouldn't trade it for a new one in the US. She may not be old but starting anew when you're almost 50 isn't really a walk in the park, I suppose. But in the end she chose to be with her family. And I think she made the right decision.

Just like me, I have a choice to stay with EJ in the Philippines while my husband works abroad. I could work again or start a business or do something. But I feel that being together as a family is more important than anything. So wherever my husband works, EJ and I will be there with him.

April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

What does Easter means to you?

Personally, I believe that with God, nothing is impossible. And one of the greatest example is during Easter when Jesus is risen from the dead. For me, Easter signifies a new life, a new hope. Life is worth living and celebrating.

This year's Easter Sunday, like the past three years, we went to Raffles Hotel Le Royal for their Easter Sunday Brunch. I just realized that this is our 4th Easter Sunday here in Cambodia.

{The blessings in my life}

{Table set-up in Raffles}

We were a bit early. When we arrived, they were still setting up the buffet. I took the time to take pictures.

This year, EJ did not join the Easter egg hunt. He said, he already won two times so it's enough. Well, he made the right decision because it was scorching hot yesterday.

When we were leaving, we saw some kids looking for the eggs already but they haven't began the activity yet. Hehe. Talk about excitement!

After the brunch, we went to the airport to have our flight tickets for Singapore rebooked. I couldn't rebook our tickets online because SilkAir still doesn't have that feature in their website.

Sunday doesn't seem to be a busy day for the airport, we found out.

Anyway, the SilkAir office is closed on a Sunday.

So what did we do next? We made our way to the newest international fastfood chain to hit Cambodia which is only available in the airport - Burger King!

You'd think we were full from our brunch! Nope! We weren't. Hahaha!

We ordered french fries, bacon burger, a softdrink and a strawberry sundae for take-away but I couldn't help eating the french fries right away! Hahaha!!!

Happy Easter, everyone!