April 3, 2013

Being Together

I was chatting with an aunt via FB chat yesterday. I asked her how she is coping with her new life in the US. She said she's surprisingly doing okay for an old goat like her. Of course she's not old! She's just in the late 40s.

She went to the US last December when her immigrant visa was finally granted. She has been waiting for it for over two decades. And I am happy that she's finally over there together with her father and sisters.

She told me excitedly that she had finally experienced snow. She said she liked it for a few days but could barely stand the rest of the winter. I could imagine why. Hehe.

She also told me she's learning how to drive again so she could run errands or go to the groceries without bothering her sister. Good for her! I kid her about getting the driver's license. She said, she's not worried because there are dmvcheatsheets. Her sister has also patiently downloaded all the licensing information on the web and she's been reviewing it daily.

My aunt looks or sounds like she's adjusting well to her new life in the US. When I heard from my father (they are cousins) that she was finally granted the immigrant visa, I thought she wouldn't take it anymore. She already has a comfortable life in the Philippines and I thought she wouldn't trade it for a new one in the US. She may not be old but starting anew when you're almost 50 isn't really a walk in the park, I suppose. But in the end she chose to be with her family. And I think she made the right decision.

Just like me, I have a choice to stay with EJ in the Philippines while my husband works abroad. I could work again or start a business or do something. But I feel that being together as a family is more important than anything. So wherever my husband works, EJ and I will be there with him.