April 28, 2013

Chocolate Bar at Marina Bay Sands

I entertained the idea of booking our hotel accommodation at Marina Bay Sands. I wanted to experience the famous infinity pool of the hotel (the pool is exclusive to inhouse guests). But I realize shopping would be more fun than swimming. LOL! So I booked at Mandarin Orchard instead.

While looking at the hotel's website, I saw that they have a dessert buffet every night at the Chocolate Bar located at the Sands Skypark. This is open to the general public. I brought the idea to the husband and he said okay. So I emailed them and made reservation on our second night in Singapore.

The Sands Skypark is the curved boat-like shape (according to EJ) thing on the top most level of the hotel where the infinity pool is located. Aside from the Chocolate Bar, they have a restaurant called Sky on 57 and also have the Observation Deck which is open to the public for 20SGD.

The cost of the dessert buffet is 38++SGD. If you are willing to pay 20SGD for the observation deck, I suggest you go for the dessert buffet instead. You get to enjoy unlimited sweets plus you have the best of the city and ocean view. You can also take pictures at the infinity pool which is off limits when you visit the observation deck.

{With hubby's college friends}

{cookies, pralines, chocolate on bread sticks, etc}

{macarons, tarts, chocolate ice cream, etc}

There were so many choices but you can only eat so much sweets in one night! I like the freshly made small donuts which I topped with cinnamon sugar. I also like the almond in dark chocolate. 

{Ocean view with Gardens by the Bay}

{At the Infinity Pool}

Some would say 38SGD is quite a lot to pay for dessert alone. I agree. But it's not just about the dessert. You get that from other buffet restaurants.  It's mostly about the view.