April 24, 2013

Day Tour at Legoland Malaysia

I booked our Legoland Malaysia Day Tour Package online from WTS Travel. The package includes two-way coach transfer from Singapore Flyer to Legoland Malaysia (and back), day pass at Legoland and coach travel insurance.

The travel from Singapore to Legoland (Johor Bahru, Malaysia) took about an hour and a half including stops at both immigration controls. The travel back to Singapore was shorter, less than an hour because there were no lines at both immigration controls and traffic was lighter.

EJ was super excited on the day we were to go to Legoland. He loves Lego! Here are some of our pictures

{Welcome to Legoland!}

{Forbidden City, China}

{Marina Bay Area, Singapore}

{Taj Mahal, India}

{Petronas Towers, Malaysia}

EJ loves the miniland, where architecture and landmarks from Asian cities where on display. He keeps on looking at his map and keeps on asking, "hmm, where to go next?"

We did not get to experience most of their rides because EJ was scared. He only tried the "safe" one, the boat ride. And he loved it.

It was a really hot day, the kind where you sweat buckets and give you migraine. EJ tolerated the heat until he could. But at around 3pm, he couldn't stand it anymore and asked to go to a cafe or somewhere cold because his "energy was draining". LOL!

Some parts of Legoland were still under construction and the Legoland Hotel is still being built. I think it would be worth going back there when everything is complete and the weather is much cooler.

WTS Travel Legoland Malaysia Day Tour Package:
Adult 63SGD
Child 53SGD

Legoland Ticket Prices:
Adult (12-59) 140RM
Child (3-11) 110RM
Senior (60-up) 110RM

Opening Hours:
10am - 6pm (Monday - Friday)
10am - 8pm (Saturday - Sunday)