April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

What does Easter means to you?

Personally, I believe that with God, nothing is impossible. And one of the greatest example is during Easter when Jesus is risen from the dead. For me, Easter signifies a new life, a new hope. Life is worth living and celebrating.

This year's Easter Sunday, like the past three years, we went to Raffles Hotel Le Royal for their Easter Sunday Brunch. I just realized that this is our 4th Easter Sunday here in Cambodia.

{The blessings in my life}

{Table set-up in Raffles}

We were a bit early. When we arrived, they were still setting up the buffet. I took the time to take pictures.

This year, EJ did not join the Easter egg hunt. He said, he already won two times so it's enough. Well, he made the right decision because it was scorching hot yesterday.

When we were leaving, we saw some kids looking for the eggs already but they haven't began the activity yet. Hehe. Talk about excitement!

After the brunch, we went to the airport to have our flight tickets for Singapore rebooked. I couldn't rebook our tickets online because SilkAir still doesn't have that feature in their website.

Sunday doesn't seem to be a busy day for the airport, we found out.

Anyway, the SilkAir office is closed on a Sunday.

So what did we do next? We made our way to the newest international fastfood chain to hit Cambodia which is only available in the airport - Burger King!

You'd think we were full from our brunch! Nope! We weren't. Hahaha!

We ordered french fries, bacon burger, a softdrink and a strawberry sundae for take-away but I couldn't help eating the french fries right away! Hahaha!!!

Happy Easter, everyone!