April 16, 2013

Hello from Singapore

Hi! We're currently in Singapore. It's our third day today and I am looking forward to seeing the new attraction called Gardens by the Bay.

On our first day, we met up with hubby's college friends at the Merlion Park.

We arrived early so we took to the time to take pictures.

It is so nice to be back to Singapore! I think this is one country I will never getting tired of visiting. Aside from the new attractions sprouting every year, I love the food and the shopping.

Speaking of food, hubby's friends brought us to Makansutra Gluttons Bay at Esplanade. Talk about gluttony! We had these hawker style food and more!

{Crunchy squid}

{Peppered crab}

I am still sorting our photos and I couldn't find the other food pictures. But suffice it to say, the food were delicious and I ate more than I should.

There are several Singaporean restaurants in Phnom Penh. I will definitely look up the crunchy squid in their menus next time we dine in.

This reminds me, I wish there's an online food ordering in Phnom Penh like Tasty Khana - click here. I am sure it will make my life much easier. If you want to know more about Tasty Khana, follow TastyKhana on twitter.

Yesterday, we went to Legoland Malaysia. It's in Johor Bahru and very close to Singapore.

EJ loves Lego and he definitely enjoyed the miniland where architectures from Asia were on display.

I will post more details next time as this is supposed to be a quick update only.