April 12, 2013

The Happy Kid

My friend, Ate Elma texted me the other day "Jo, you're not updating your blog. Are you busy?" I answered back "I don't have assignments, hence the silence on the blog. LOL!"

Kidding aside, thanks Ate Elms for following and reading my blog. I am amazed how despite your very busy schedule you still manage to check my blog and remind me about the lack of posts. Haha!

I am actually busy this week. We are going to Singapore on Sunday and I only finalized our itinerary this week. I also just finished booking our Legoland trip.

Legoland is in Johor, Malaysia but it's close to Singapore. If I am not mistaken, it is the first Legoland in Asia. It just opened last year. EJ is excited to check it out. He loves Lego!

I have also booked a table at The Chocolate Bar in Marina Bay Sands. It is a chocolate buffet restaurant  located at the hotel's famous Sands Skypark. You get to eat unlimited chocolates while enjoying the best view of the city and the ocean from the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands. Sounds pretty cool. We'll see.


We went to EJ's school yesterday for his second evaluation for the school year. EJ is doing well. In fact, he is ahead of his class in reading. His teacher has sent him to another class to be with another advanced reader during their reading time. That way, EJ doesn't get bored.

The teacher is also pleased that not only is he doing well in English, he is also quite good in Math and in other subjects.

What really stuck in my mind though was how the teacher described EJ. She said, EJ is like the life of their class. EJ is a happy kid and it's always fun when he is around. The teacher said that when EJ is not in the school, the class isn't as lively and happy.

I am so proud of our little man. But more than anything, I just want him to be happy.


Happy weekend, everyone! And to all Cambodians, Happy Khmer New Year! Enjoy the long holiday!