May 31, 2013

Summer Sunglasses

One of my migraine triggers is the sun. When it is too hot or too bright outside, I almost always have migraine. Since I cannot avoid going out, I have to have sunglasses with me all the time to avoid migraine attacks.

Right now I think I have 5 sunglasses in rotation. But these three are my favorites:

{H&M Aviator Sunglasses}

{Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer}

{Generic White Sunglasses}

I would like to buy another one though, probably those oversized ones, like this Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses.

They say, oversized sunglasses make your face look smaller. I want to try that. There's hope yet to make my big face look smaller. LOL!

What's your favorite sunglasses shape?

May 30, 2013

EJ's Poem to Mom

Last week, EJ showed a poem he made for me.

"My poem: by EJ
From me to Mom

For my mom who doesn't know how to sing poems
Name Poem: toy, board, letter, and more!

I have so many toys,
but I don't know what to play,
So I play with my letters,
Then I play with my iPad.

I play with my board.
I play with my Dad.
We will play with my cars
After, I turn off the lights
And go to bed.

The end"

I don't know why he said I don't know how to sing poems. He probably heard me singing off key all the time! LOL!

I hope EJ will continue to write short stories and poem as he grows older. I am so proud of him.

May 28, 2013

Makansutra Gluttons Bay: Singapore Hawker Food

Prior to this recent visit, we've never tried the hawker food in Singapore. I don't know. We just didn't know where to go I guess.

During our past Singapore trips, we always go to a mall's food court whenever we want to eat hawker style Singapore food.

This recent travel however brought us to Makansutra Gluttons Bay courtesy of my husband's college friends who are based in Singapore.

Makansutra Gluttons Bay is located at the back of Esplanade. It is a group of stalls serving authentic local dishes. You'll find Satay, Hainanese chicken rice, BBQ chicken wings, seafood in chili, etc. They have 1 Filipino stall that serves sisig, and other Filipino fare. I guess this is a reflection of the number of Filipinos in the country.

{With hubby's college friends}

{Singapore fried rice, Prawns in cereals, crunchy squid and crabs in pepper sauce}

That's just some of the food we ordered. We also had pakchoy in oysters sauce, pork sisig, grilled and stingray. It's my first time to eat the crunchy squid. I love it. It's sautéed but it has retained its crunchiness. Perfect!

What I like about Makansutra Gluttons Bay is, it's in the middle of so many attractions in Singapore. There's the Esplanade, Merlion Park and of course the view of the Marina Bay Sands.

After our dinner, we just sat at the bay area while catching up with each others lives. At 8pm, the Marina Bay Sands Laser show started, to our surprise and delight.

May 23, 2013

Blessed Kind of Day

It's dark chocolate latte and biscotti kind of day for me today.

I've come to look forward to Thursday afternoons. This is the only time I can call my own. Even if it's only an hour every week, I feel so blessed to be able to spend this time the way I want it.

I am in a coffeeshop right now, munching on my biscotti and sipping my dark chocolate latte while watching a Filipino movie. Yup, Filipino movies are my thing lately :)

Hope you are having a blissful time. Enjoy your day!

May 21, 2013

Snack Idea

I think I saw this from one of the accounts in instagram which I follow. If not, I must have seen this in facebook or some other social network sites.

{personalized banana}

Cute? I did this yesterday for EJ's snacks. Pity, the banana is very tiny (EJ loves these small ones!). You can write a longer message if you have a bigger and longer one.

I used a pointy knife to write my message on the banana peel. You don't need any fancy for tooling components, you can use any sharp or pointy object.

It takes time before the message is very visible so make sure you prepare it ahead of time.

EJ said he loves it. He showed it to his classmates during their snack time and the kids were amazed. Haha! Pretty easy to trick the kids.

May 19, 2013

Supertree Grove

Late post.

Supertree Grove is part of the Gardens by the Bay attractions. I guess you could say it's more popular compared to the conservatories.

There are 16 Supertrees in varying heights (25-50 meters). They provide shade in the day time just like real trees. And at night time they come alive with spectacular display of lights. Eleven of the Supertrees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions like photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy.

I didn't have a proper lunch that day so I suggested to hubby and our friends to have light snacks at Indochine, the restaurant/bar on top of the tallest Supertree.

They gave us a table outside but it was hot and I was getting dizzy with the open space so I requested if we could go in.

Cheers! We had Singapore sling, french fries with truffle and some nuts (click here nutcrackers wholesale) while enjoying the view of the Marina Bay area.

When we left Gardens by the Bay, the Supertrees were just starting to light up.

Too bad we weren't able to see the display of lights in its full glory. We were hurrying up to meet another friend for our dessert buffet appointment at The Chocolate Bar at Marina Bay Sands.

May 15, 2013

Beach Time Fun!

We're back in Phnom Penh.

We're probably 3 shades darker but we're happy. We really had a great time!

..the weather was perfect

..the boys had a lot of quality time

..EJ conquered his fear of waves

..he even tried bodyboarding

..lunches on the deck

..cocktails during sunset

..dinners by the sea

..with live Cambodian performances.

We did not understand the lyrics of the songs but music is universal so it was okay. We just moved with the beat of the music.


Like I mentioned in my previous post, we stayed in Sokha Beach Resort. I booked an ocean wing deluxe but the room had a funky smell. We moved to one of their water chalets. The room was very nice and huge. Unfortunately the room's AC is not enough to cool the entire room. They moved us again to a club suite. The room was fine and most importantly the AC's temp was perfect.

Compared to Independence Hotel, Sokha will win for its beach. But for the service, food and affordability, I'd have to go with Independence Hotel.


We took Giant Ibis bus from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville and back. It's one of the newest bus companies in town. We read great (comfy seats, wifi, etc) reviews so we tried it. One way ticket is $10. A bit expensive compared to the other bus companies like Mekong Express.

Yes, the bus had wifi but it was very slow. The seats were comfortable but if you happen to sit in the "tires/wheels" area (like my seat) then it's not comfortable at all. You'd have to bend your legs the whole four hours of travel. It's a mini bus (17 seats only) so even if it's full, it's not that noisy.

I think I'd still take them next time but I will make sure I get the nicer seats.


It's still a holiday today. Hubby and EJ wanted to extend our stay at the beach but I refused because I need this day to do the laundry and other errands. LOL!

May 12, 2013


Cambodia celebrates the King's birthday for 3 days. And for the working class, that means a 3-day holiday.

This year's 3-day holiday is from Monday until Wednesday, giving us another 5-day holiday! Yay!

Because of the long holiday and the very hot weather in Phnom Penh, we escaped to the beach. We're in Sihanoukville right now. We're staying at Sokha Beach Resort. We've been here in Sihanoukville two times but we've always stayed at Independence Hotel.

Yesterday, we moved rooms three times. The first room's AC had a funky smell. The second room's AC wasn't cold enough. Thankfully, the third one was perfect. I had a good sleep.

{At the second room}

This is supposed to be a short post. We're on our way to have breakfast.

So before I get carried away, let me just greet all the beautiful and indefatigable moms all over the world a very Happy Mother's Day! May you feel loved not just today but always. Enjoy your day

May 7, 2013

Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay

Singapore may not have the best of nature to showcase to tourists but they make it up with man-made structures. One of the many example is the Gardens by the Bay, the newest tourist destination in Singapore.

We went there and we were quite amazed with how they made this garden in the middle of a city.

It's not just a beautiful garden, it also practices the principles of environment sustainability.

The garden is open and free for all but the two conservatories have admission fees. We only went to one conservatory called Cloud Forest.

Cloud Forest is a 35-meter mountain covered in lush vegetation with a waterfall.

To be able to appreciate the many different flowers and plants planted on the wall, they have this walkway called "cloud walk".

{I could barely smile. LOL!}

To bad EJ and I are scared of heights. We only tried a couple of steps before we went back to the safety of solid ground. It didn't help also that I was wearing a slippery flats. I should have bought the best insoles for running and walking when I had the chance.

This was at the Lost World, the highest point of the mountain. It replicates the cloud forest vegetation at around 2,000m above sea level. This is where we saw some beautiful orchids and other flowers.

{Some of the beautiful flowers inside Cloud Forest}

This was at the Crystal Mountain Cave. EJ was interested to learn more about the many shapes of stalactites and stalagmites.

Entrance Fee (includes entry to Flower Dome, another Conservatory):
Adult - 28SGD
Senior Citizen - 28SGD
Child - 15SGD

My next post will be about the Supertree Grove which is also in Gardens by the Bay.

May 4, 2013

Early Mother's Day Gift

I am here in Bangkok. Alone.

I maybe alone, but I am not lonely.

I just miss my boys so much..

{facetime with them last night}

Hubby bought a ticket to Bangkok for me. He also booked me a room at Novotel Siam. I asked why? He said I deserve a get away. It's his mother's day gift for me. What shall I do in Bangkok? Whatever you want to do: eat, sleep, rest, shop, spa...

I was really hesitant to go. I feel guilty leaving them alone together. I feel guilty spending money without them. I actually begged them to come with me. But hubby said it defeats the purpose of his gift: time on my own.

Reluctantly, I packed my bag for an overnight stay. I miss the boys but I have to admit, my husband is right. I need this. I need time on my own. I need to miss them. They need to miss me.

It's going well with EJ as well. He did not cry. It doesn't even seem that he misses my presence.

{my room at Novotel Siam}

{view from my room - Central World and the BTS}

{my lunch - phad thai}

{bangkok's streetfoods}

{catch up time with my friend, Che, who's based in Bangkok}

{ordered room service for dinner - green curry and rice}

I thought I won't get hungry for dinner anymore because my friend and I had cocktails in my hotel at 5:30pm. But I guess the window shopping burned all those so I still ordered dinner in my room. 

I am going back tonight. I have to say, this is one of the best gift hubby has given me. Thanks hon. You just know me so well.

May 1, 2013

Restaurant in Phnom Penh: Hanami

After church last Saturday, we went to this newly-opened restaurant near our apartment. It's called Hanami and it is a buffet restaurant. We are really suckers for eat-all-you-can type of restaurants.

I am guessing the owners are Japanese based on the name of the place. 

Nice interiors

Italian station - pasta and pizza

Dessert station - cakes. I love the baked cheese tart!

Dessert station - tropical fruits 

 Enjoying our meal

One of my plates


I like their plain foccacia

Hubby said the snowcrab and tomato pasta is good

Sushi station

Deep fried chicken and Pork croquette are yummy

Salad station

Chocolate fountain

Soup Station

Guess what? Since Saturday, we have been to this place three times! Yup! That's right. Our second time was last Sunday and for lunch today, we went there again. I guess you can say we love the food and the service. We also love the price!

Lunch is priced at $9 for adults and dinner is $18 for adults. Children pay half the price.

Drinks like sodas, coffee and iced green tea are also part of the buffet.

The food during lunch and dinner is the same except there is no chocolate fountain during lunch. So I don't know why dinner is more expensive.

Anyway, we were given a gold card which entitles us to a $1 discount per person during lunch and a $2 discount per person during dinner.

Hanami has just become our newest favorite restaurant.

#23 Street 63 corner Mao Tse Tung Blvd
Beoung Keng Kang 1
Tel # 070 389 100
Open everyday, 10am-10pm