May 15, 2013

Beach Time Fun!

We're back in Phnom Penh.

We're probably 3 shades darker but we're happy. We really had a great time!

..the weather was perfect

..the boys had a lot of quality time

..EJ conquered his fear of waves

..he even tried bodyboarding

..lunches on the deck

..cocktails during sunset

..dinners by the sea

..with live Cambodian performances.

We did not understand the lyrics of the songs but music is universal so it was okay. We just moved with the beat of the music.


Like I mentioned in my previous post, we stayed in Sokha Beach Resort. I booked an ocean wing deluxe but the room had a funky smell. We moved to one of their water chalets. The room was very nice and huge. Unfortunately the room's AC is not enough to cool the entire room. They moved us again to a club suite. The room was fine and most importantly the AC's temp was perfect.

Compared to Independence Hotel, Sokha will win for its beach. But for the service, food and affordability, I'd have to go with Independence Hotel.


We took Giant Ibis bus from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville and back. It's one of the newest bus companies in town. We read great (comfy seats, wifi, etc) reviews so we tried it. One way ticket is $10. A bit expensive compared to the other bus companies like Mekong Express.

Yes, the bus had wifi but it was very slow. The seats were comfortable but if you happen to sit in the "tires/wheels" area (like my seat) then it's not comfortable at all. You'd have to bend your legs the whole four hours of travel. It's a mini bus (17 seats only) so even if it's full, it's not that noisy.

I think I'd still take them next time but I will make sure I get the nicer seats.


It's still a holiday today. Hubby and EJ wanted to extend our stay at the beach but I refused because I need this day to do the laundry and other errands. LOL!