May 12, 2013


Cambodia celebrates the King's birthday for 3 days. And for the working class, that means a 3-day holiday.

This year's 3-day holiday is from Monday until Wednesday, giving us another 5-day holiday! Yay!

Because of the long holiday and the very hot weather in Phnom Penh, we escaped to the beach. We're in Sihanoukville right now. We're staying at Sokha Beach Resort. We've been here in Sihanoukville two times but we've always stayed at Independence Hotel.

Yesterday, we moved rooms three times. The first room's AC had a funky smell. The second room's AC wasn't cold enough. Thankfully, the third one was perfect. I had a good sleep.

{At the second room}

This is supposed to be a short post. We're on our way to have breakfast.

So before I get carried away, let me just greet all the beautiful and indefatigable moms all over the world a very Happy Mother's Day! May you feel loved not just today but always. Enjoy your day