May 7, 2013

Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay

Singapore may not have the best of nature to showcase to tourists but they make it up with man-made structures. One of the many example is the Gardens by the Bay, the newest tourist destination in Singapore.

We went there and we were quite amazed with how they made this garden in the middle of a city.

It's not just a beautiful garden, it also practices the principles of environment sustainability.

The garden is open and free for all but the two conservatories have admission fees. We only went to one conservatory called Cloud Forest.

Cloud Forest is a 35-meter mountain covered in lush vegetation with a waterfall.

To be able to appreciate the many different flowers and plants planted on the wall, they have this walkway called "cloud walk".

{I could barely smile. LOL!}

To bad EJ and I are scared of heights. We only tried a couple of steps before we went back to the safety of solid ground. It didn't help also that I was wearing a slippery flats. I should have bought the best insoles for running and walking when I had the chance.

This was at the Lost World, the highest point of the mountain. It replicates the cloud forest vegetation at around 2,000m above sea level. This is where we saw some beautiful orchids and other flowers.

{Some of the beautiful flowers inside Cloud Forest}

This was at the Crystal Mountain Cave. EJ was interested to learn more about the many shapes of stalactites and stalagmites.

Entrance Fee (includes entry to Flower Dome, another Conservatory):
Adult - 28SGD
Senior Citizen - 28SGD
Child - 15SGD

My next post will be about the Supertree Grove which is also in Gardens by the Bay.