May 4, 2013

Early Mother's Day Gift

I am here in Bangkok. Alone.

I maybe alone, but I am not lonely.

I just miss my boys so much..

{facetime with them last night}

Hubby bought a ticket to Bangkok for me. He also booked me a room at Novotel Siam. I asked why? He said I deserve a get away. It's his mother's day gift for me. What shall I do in Bangkok? Whatever you want to do: eat, sleep, rest, shop, spa...

I was really hesitant to go. I feel guilty leaving them alone together. I feel guilty spending money without them. I actually begged them to come with me. But hubby said it defeats the purpose of his gift: time on my own.

Reluctantly, I packed my bag for an overnight stay. I miss the boys but I have to admit, my husband is right. I need this. I need time on my own. I need to miss them. They need to miss me.

It's going well with EJ as well. He did not cry. It doesn't even seem that he misses my presence.

{my room at Novotel Siam}

{view from my room - Central World and the BTS}

{my lunch - phad thai}

{bangkok's streetfoods}

{catch up time with my friend, Che, who's based in Bangkok}

{ordered room service for dinner - green curry and rice}

I thought I won't get hungry for dinner anymore because my friend and I had cocktails in my hotel at 5:30pm. But I guess the window shopping burned all those so I still ordered dinner in my room. 

I am going back tonight. I have to say, this is one of the best gift hubby has given me. Thanks hon. You just know me so well.