May 19, 2013

Supertree Grove

Late post.

Supertree Grove is part of the Gardens by the Bay attractions. I guess you could say it's more popular compared to the conservatories.

There are 16 Supertrees in varying heights (25-50 meters). They provide shade in the day time just like real trees. And at night time they come alive with spectacular display of lights. Eleven of the Supertrees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions like photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy.

I didn't have a proper lunch that day so I suggested to hubby and our friends to have light snacks at Indochine, the restaurant/bar on top of the tallest Supertree.

They gave us a table outside but it was hot and I was getting dizzy with the open space so I requested if we could go in.

Cheers! We had Singapore sling, french fries with truffle and some nuts (click here nutcrackers wholesale) while enjoying the view of the Marina Bay area.

When we left Gardens by the Bay, the Supertrees were just starting to light up.

Too bad we weren't able to see the display of lights in its full glory. We were hurrying up to meet another friend for our dessert buffet appointment at The Chocolate Bar at Marina Bay Sands.


Photo Cache said...

singapore is ever changing. i feel there's always something new to see when you go back for a visit.

MaryJane Tauyan said...

very nice we lived in singapore for 5 years and now moved here in malaysia. i have blogged this as well plus the marina bay sands too which I had the chance to go to thrier infinity pool1 love all your photos! happy to see smiles to everyone!

betchai said...

wow, did not know that there would also be restaurants at the top of those super tree, you and your family are always lovely to look at

Jessica Cassidy said...

I bet it is gorgeous at night for those big lights. It loos like y'all had a blast :-)

papaleng said...

Those awesome Supertree is indeed an added attraction at the Graden at the Bay. May Restaurant pa, so sure enjoy ang tsibog dyan.

kulasa said...

superlove your "cheers" photo! you have lovely smiles and I can see the happiness in your faces in such a beautiful place....:)

Algene May C. said...

I want to take a closer and more personal look of the Suoer Tree! Sana soon makapunta rin :p

Cheerful said...

beautiful happy pictures...there's always something new in Singapore, wonder what's next? :)