June 13, 2013

How to Apply for a Japanese Tourist Visa in Phnom Penh

I wrote about our tourist visa application to Japan in my travel blog but I am writing about it here again because my travel blog will be inactive indefinitely.


Our tourist visa application to Japan was a breeze!

We submitted our documents to Japan Embassy here in Phnom Penh and after 3 days we got a call  from the embassy that our tourist visa was granted and our passports were ready for pick up.

We were surprised at how fast the application process was. There was no interview, even. In the Japan Embassy (Cambodia) website, they say that the application process usually takes a minimum of 5 working days.

{My Japan Visa. Never mind if my face looks like a round pork bun. LOL!}

Here's the list of the documents we submitted for our tourist visa application:

  1. Filled out application form (can be downloaded at their website)
  2. Valid passports
  3. Photocopy of our Cambodia visa
  4. 1 Passport ID (2in x 2in)
  5. Certificate of Employment (Salary mentioned)
  6. 1 current Payslip
  7. Air ticket booking confirmation
  8. Hotel booking confirmation
  9. Birth certificate of our son
  10. Marriage certificate
  11. Travel Itinerary

Our visa was gratis or free. This too, surprised us because according to the website, a single entry tourist visa costs 3000 yen.

A fast visa application and a free visa grant, what a great welcome to Japan!