June 3, 2013

New in Town: Kids City

Kids City Phnom Penh has just opened last Saturday, June 1. Coincidentally June 1 is also International Children's Day. What perfect timing!

Kids City is an indoor entertainment and educational center for kids. It has 10 floors of different activities including ice skating and science discovery.

We brought EJ there last Saturday. But we had to wait for 30 minutes because they just finished with the opening ceremony and they had to clean up the place.

Kids City is conveniently located in Sihanouk Boulevard, just beside Lucky Grocery.

Reception area. This is where you buy the card, your access to the activity you want.

Different activities and the access fee/price

EJ chose to go to the Playground. He's got his access card ready and a toothless grin in place. Hehe.

Gloria Jean's Coffees is located at the ground floor. There are no tables and chairs so it's for take aways only. I don't know though if they will put tables and chairs later on.

A shop for new born and infant clothes is also located at the ground floor.

Playground is located at the 1st floor. It's a multi-level playground where kids can climb though a jungle, slide, jump on the trampoline, play basketball and play with the soft ball air canon which EJ found enjoyable.

The price for the Playground is $8 for unlimited time.

EJ likes the slide because it's not very steep.

EJ had a ball playing with this soft ball air cannon.

But hubby and I got tired waiting for EJ because the waiting area wasn't comfortable. They only had benches. In Monkey Business, another playground here in Phnom Penh, you can lounge on their big sofas and comfy chairs. You can also order drinks and food while surfing the net with their free wifi. I hope Kids City will consider these additional features. It will make the parents/guardians waiting time more pleasant.

There's also a playground for the smaller tots just beside the big one. The price is $4 for unlimited time.

A clothing shop for the toddler/teens is located at the 3rd floor.

On the 4th floor is the Clip and Climb area. This looks fun! Hubby and I want to try this soon.

{Clip and climb}

{Clip and Climb}

There's also a refreshment area at the 4th floor called poptea.

On the 5th floor is the Blue Pumpkin. If you're afraid to climb on the clip and climb, you can just watch the climbers over the mezzanine while having your coffee, ice cream or cake.

{Blue Pumpkin}

On the 7th floor is the Laser Tag. It's like playing video game in real time.

On the 9th floor is the Science Gallery. I wanted to check this out with EJ because I am sure he will be fascinated with the displays (he is our little science geek!) but that day he couldn't be peeled away from the playground.

{Science Gallery}

{Science Gallery}

On the last floor is the Ice Skating Rink.

I'd like to try this too. Maybe I'd finally learn how to ice skate.

We stayed in Kids City for almost 3 hours but we spent the whole time in Playground. Maybe next weekend, we get to try the other activities.

I am glad someone has brought something like this to Phnom Penh. Sure, there are parks around the city. We have been to a couple of parks actually. But with the heat and the dust (EJ is allergic to dust), it's not just convenient. So this new entertainment center is really a welcome change for kids and parents alike.

162A Sihanouk Blvd. Phnom Penh

Opening Hours:
8am - 9pm weekdays
8am - 10pm weekends and holidays