June 4, 2013

School Break Travel Plans

It's June already and we're almost half-way through the year! Can you believe that?

Anyway, EJ's school ends on June 28. That's less than a month away. And we're excited about his 2-month school break.

We do have a lot of plans on how to spend his school break. We plan to go home to the Philippines for four to six weeks and then probably a week or so in Australia.

The trip to the Philippines is confirmed. I just haven't finalized the exact date. However the trip to Australia is not definite yet.

{Sydney Opera House. Photo from Google Image.}

Hubby's friends in New Zealand suggested we visit them instead. It could be a sort of reunion for them. And then there's also the lure of going to the US, to visit Disneyland and complete our Disneyland adventures.

All these plans are actually driving me crazy! All I want is just to travel...wherever.

I do believe a travel to a new place, a new destination is an education travel on its own already. I am sure EJ will have a stock of knowledge and memories later on from his travels with us.

I am still busy researching and looking for deals in all the places I've mentioned above. I guess whichever is cheaper, wins our next destination. LOL!