June 27, 2013

Science is Fun!

My OC tendencies have surfaced again. This week I have manually scrubbed our apartment's floor. It's hard work! I am exhausted everyday but I can't stop myself. I just need to scrub the whole apartment for my peace of mind. LOL!

Wonder why I am not visible in my blogs lately? Well, there's the reason.

Last Saturday, we brought EJ to Science Gallery at Kids City. I knew he would love it because he's our little science geek at home.

At the Space Dome. A fun and fancy way to look at the planets and their properties. Looks like Dad is having more fun than EJ, no?

Who's that tall woman in the mirror? Concave mirror makes you look taller or shorter. I love my tall version.  Haha!

Science that day was indeed fun! EJ loved tinkering and exploring the many exhibitions at the Gallery.

Hubby and I tried riding this bike suspended on air with only a cable wire for support. It was scary but it was also exhilarating. Yay for me for doing something which scares me!

Entrance fee to Science Gallery is $10 for adults and $8 for kids. You can stay inside for only an hour and a half.