July 21, 2013

Flying on Wednesday, See You Philippines!

EJ and I are flying to Manila on Wednesday. This is our second trip to Philippines this year. Hubby is supposed to follow two weeks after. But he told me last Friday that he could only fly out of Phnom Penh mid of August because there's a conflict of schedule from work. Ugh. We're already disappointed that we're not going together on our vacation (first time!) and now he's coming even later.

For about a day I was in a sour mood. I know it's not really my husband's fault but I was so looking forward to all the things that we're going to do together in the Philippines. Now his vacation time in the Philippines is cut much shorter and he'll even miss EJ's 7th birthday, which is on the 10th of August.

Sigh. But that's life. I can either sulk or I can move on and make the best of what I have. The first one sounds really tempting but I am choosing the latter.

I guess I'll just use the time to do stuff I cannot do when I am with hubby - shop 'till I drop. Hahaha! Just kidding.

I'll try to make EJ's and my time in the Philippines as productive and as fun as possible even without hubby. I could teach EJ how to bike without training wheels. I could show him how to plant rice. We could visit nearby tourist destinations in our province. We could be in the beach everyday. Etc. Etc.

As for being productive, I am thinking of renovating our bathroom. Nothing fancy though but how I wish I have the luxury of space and money to be able to buy something like this one.

I am also planning to prettify my mom's resting place. This may take some time and some more budget so I guess I'll ask help from my siblings. Hehe.

When hubby told me about the change on his vacation schedule, I was really disappointed and, okay maybe a little pissed. But then, there's really nothing we can do. And besides, we will still have more than a week of vacation time together as a family.

As for EJ's birthday, we'll just celebrate it when hubby arrives. I don't think EJ will mind if we celebrate his birthday a week after.

With that said, I am now so excited about our travel. See you soon, Philippines!

July 19, 2013

Filipino Lessons for EJ

When summer break for EJ commenced, I decided it was time to teach him again Filipino lessons. I am embarrassed to admit that EJ does not speak nor understand Filipino. It's our fault. We acknowledge that.

When EJ was a baby, hubby and I agreed one of us will to speak to him in Filipino and the other in English. But along the way, we somehow forgot our agreement and just spoke to him in English. Our rationale at that time was that EJ is not living in the Philippines anyway. Since he was born, he's lived abroad and only goes to Philippines for short vacations.

But now, we realized that, whether he lives in the Philippines or not, it is imperative that he speaks and understands Filipino. After all, he's 100% Filipino.

We've been teaching him on and off actually. Last year, I even hired a tutor but with the regular classes going on, the playdates, the after school activities and the homeworks, we decided it was a bit too much for him so we stopped the tutor class for him.

Now that it's summer break for him, I have decided I'll teach him myself. We started from the basic, the Filipino alphabet. Since he can read already, it was a bit easier for both us. He's struggling a little bit with the pronunciation. He sounds like those foreigners trying to speak Filipino :)

Here's EJ reading the Filipino numbers after I gave him the quiz.

I am glad we're doing this because he's not only learning Filipino, he also gets to practice his hand writing which needs a lot of improvement.

I am proud to say he is really doing well. And I am thankful because there's a lot of Filipino home school resources on the internet.

The other day, I had to meet a friend in a coffee shop. EJ thought he wouldn't have a lesson that day. But he's wrong. I brought the classroom to the coffee shop. LOL! I am really determined to make him speak Filipino by end of this year.

I teach him everyday for about 30 minutes. I make it short and fun because it's his school break after all. I have him listen to Filipino folk songs and he's mastered the Bahay Kubo already. In the below video though (which I took about a week ago), some of the words are not pronounced correctly. But now, he can sing the song like a pro. Hehe. 

We will take this one fun lesson at a time. I've also added advanced math for him for variety purposes which he likes as well. I am planning to teach him Philippine history later on. Oppps, I am getting too excited here. LOL!

If there's a will, there's a way. So even when we are going on a vacation to the Philippines next week, I plan to continue with our lessons. For someone to learn, you only need a willing student and a committed teacher and we have that in EJ and I.

July 17, 2013

Restaurant in Phnom Penh: The Asian Kitchen

Lately, I've been too-lazy-to-cook-but-too-enthusiastic-to-eat kind of mood. It must be the weather or something. So we've been eating out more than usual again. But come to think of it, I was in a lazy mood the whole of last week and the week before that. Sigh.

Anyway, I've picked up myself and started booking flights, hotels, etc for our upcoming holiday to the Philippines. EJ and I are flying out next Wednesday. Hubby will fly to Manila on the first week of August because of work commitments.

This week, I have restrained myself from eating too much in preparation for all the Pinoy food waiting for me back home. LOL!

Last week we ate at the newly opened The Asian Kitchen along Monivong Boulevard.

I like the interiors and the atmosphere - cool and relaxed.


{Steamed fish fillet}

{Soft-shell crab in chili}

The food wasn't really outstanding, it was just okay. But I like the place and the price.

The Asian Kitchen
#335 Monivong Blvd.
Phnom Penh
Tel #093-330000

July 10, 2013

Restaurant in Phnom Penh: Chinese Noodle Restaurant

So we didn't exactly get the news we wanted to hear last week. But I am not disappointed. I believe there's a perfect timing for everything. We just have to wait for our time.

In the mean time, back to regular programming. LOL!

The week before last, my friend Ate Elma brought me to a noodle restaurant. It's nothing fancy but she said the noodles are freshly made (hand-pulled), it's delicious and it has received great reviews from expats and backpackers.

The restaurant is called Chinese Noodle Restaurant. It's along Monivong Boulevard, just right beside Bayon Bakery.

Ate Elms was already there when I arrived. She has already ordered and just asked me to order a noodle soup for myself.

Our order: fried green beans and mushroom,  noodle soup with pork (my order), noodle soup with shrimp (Ate Elms') and fried new year cake.

The noodle was indeed good and the veggies were tasty. The servings were big so we weren't able to eat all.

Here's how they made their noodles. I took this when we were waiting for the car. Ate Elms said, "I hope he washed his hands." Hehe.

Thanks again Ate Elms for another filling lunch!

July 1, 2013

This Week

It's a beautiful Monday morning from my side of the world!

These past couple of weeks, I couldn't focus on anything. I guess when you're waiting for something, something that you've been wanting/wishing to happen, it's difficult to focus on anything else.

I hate to be cryptic but we've been waiting for this news to come along. Hopefully, this week we'll get to the bottom of it all. We're hoping it's a positive thing. But if not, then it's not for us yet.


On another note, EJ finished grade 1 last Friday. He's taking a summer camp for three weeks starting today and after that, we're going on a vacation to the Philippines, then Singapore afterwards for hubby's week-long training before heading back here to Cambodia.

I have booked our tickets already but I haven't booked our hotels yet. I just couldn't concentrate right now.


Our plan to visit Australia this August has been moved to October. Actually, we're not sure now if we're going to Australia. Hubby suggested a trip to US or New Zealand. I don't know. I really couldn't think about it right now. When I have the news this week, I think I could go back to planning our lives. LOL!

Anyway, hope you all have a great week!