July 19, 2013

Filipino Lessons for EJ

When summer break for EJ commenced, I decided it was time to teach him again Filipino lessons. I am embarrassed to admit that EJ does not speak nor understand Filipino. It's our fault. We acknowledge that.

When EJ was a baby, hubby and I agreed one of us will to speak to him in Filipino and the other in English. But along the way, we somehow forgot our agreement and just spoke to him in English. Our rationale at that time was that EJ is not living in the Philippines anyway. Since he was born, he's lived abroad and only goes to Philippines for short vacations.

But now, we realized that, whether he lives in the Philippines or not, it is imperative that he speaks and understands Filipino. After all, he's 100% Filipino.

We've been teaching him on and off actually. Last year, I even hired a tutor but with the regular classes going on, the playdates, the after school activities and the homeworks, we decided it was a bit too much for him so we stopped the tutor class for him.

Now that it's summer break for him, I have decided I'll teach him myself. We started from the basic, the Filipino alphabet. Since he can read already, it was a bit easier for both us. He's struggling a little bit with the pronunciation. He sounds like those foreigners trying to speak Filipino :)

Here's EJ reading the Filipino numbers after I gave him the quiz.

I am glad we're doing this because he's not only learning Filipino, he also gets to practice his hand writing which needs a lot of improvement.

I am proud to say he is really doing well. And I am thankful because there's a lot of Filipino home school resources on the internet.

The other day, I had to meet a friend in a coffee shop. EJ thought he wouldn't have a lesson that day. But he's wrong. I brought the classroom to the coffee shop. LOL! I am really determined to make him speak Filipino by end of this year.

I teach him everyday for about 30 minutes. I make it short and fun because it's his school break after all. I have him listen to Filipino folk songs and he's mastered the Bahay Kubo already. In the below video though (which I took about a week ago), some of the words are not pronounced correctly. But now, he can sing the song like a pro. Hehe. 

We will take this one fun lesson at a time. I've also added advanced math for him for variety purposes which he likes as well. I am planning to teach him Philippine history later on. Oppps, I am getting too excited here. LOL!

If there's a will, there's a way. So even when we are going on a vacation to the Philippines next week, I plan to continue with our lessons. For someone to learn, you only need a willing student and a committed teacher and we have that in EJ and I.