July 10, 2013

Restaurant in Phnom Penh: Chinese Noodle Restaurant

So we didn't exactly get the news we wanted to hear last week. But I am not disappointed. I believe there's a perfect timing for everything. We just have to wait for our time.

In the mean time, back to regular programming. LOL!

The week before last, my friend Ate Elma brought me to a noodle restaurant. It's nothing fancy but she said the noodles are freshly made (hand-pulled), it's delicious and it has received great reviews from expats and backpackers.

The restaurant is called Chinese Noodle Restaurant. It's along Monivong Boulevard, just right beside Bayon Bakery.

Ate Elms was already there when I arrived. She has already ordered and just asked me to order a noodle soup for myself.

Our order: fried green beans and mushroom,  noodle soup with pork (my order), noodle soup with shrimp (Ate Elms') and fried new year cake.

The noodle was indeed good and the veggies were tasty. The servings were big so we weren't able to eat all.

Here's how they made their noodles. I took this when we were waiting for the car. Ate Elms said, "I hope he washed his hands." Hehe.

Thanks again Ate Elms for another filling lunch!