September 21, 2013

EJ's Post 7th Birthday

I've mentioned in this blog that EJ was having a post birthday party together with his classmates and some friends. I had no intention of doing anything except booking his party at Monkey Business and let them handle everything. Unfortunately, their host was not available.

So hubby and I were forced to become party hosts. We then decided we'll add more than games to the party. That's where the minecraft theme came in.

Since all of his friends and classmates are into minecraft, we decided we'll have games related to the famous game.

I made a Creeper party hat. Hubby made Steve's head and a Creeper piñata. I was also in-charge of the party giveaways and prizes but I had no more time to make any of the minecraft character. So the giveaways were just put in plain blue paper bags and prizes were just wrapped in blue paper.

EJ and the minecraft pig. We used this for our "tail the pig" game.

EJ and the minecraft torch which was used to hit the piñata.

Monkey Business party room

EJ and his early guests

It's all boys! We also invited his girl classmates but not one was available.

Aside from tail the pig game we also had balloon race and mine (find) the gold (coins) around the party room.

After the games, we served the food. Menu from the package I booked included sausage, mini pizza, fish fillet, french fries and  chicken nuggets. Water and orange juice were unlimited.

I ordered a minecraft cake from Bloom Cafe. It looked pretty cute and looked like the cake in the game.

What's your birthday wish babe?

Happy birthday, EJ! Mom and Dad will always be here for you. We wish you nothing but good health and happiness always. We love you so much.

After we distributed the lootbags, the kids were in a hurry to go and play outside. 

EJ said he had an awesome time. Hubby and I were happy because that was our goal. Even though hubby and I had late nights making the props for the party, it was all worth it. Bringing smile to kids, especially to EJ was worth all the work and the voice which I almost lost at the end of the party. Haha!