September 5, 2013

Grade 2 in the House

It's back to school for EJ last Monday. He did not seem excited going back to school but he wasn't dreading it either. For him, it's a part of life and there's nothing to be excited about. Haha!

When I was his age, I was way too excited about going back to school after summer. I remember polishing my school shoes the weekend before and making sure that I have all the new notebooks neatly tucked in my bag. LOL!

The Grade 2! 

When I picked him up from school last Monday, he was animated. I asked him how did his first day of school go? He said, it's not only awesome. It was super awesome! So are you happy to be back to school, I asked him. He said yes! I guess the excitement kicked in a little bit late for him.

I am glad EJ is happy to be back to school. I was a bit worried when I found out that his friend from grade 1 is in another class this year. But he doesn't care much. He likes all his classmates and he said he's even made friends with the new students from New Zealand and Australia already.

Well, that's my boy!