September 16, 2013

Le Chef at the Manor, Camp John Hay

Like I said earlier, our Baguio trip became a food trip. I think I gained over a kilo in just a span of four days in the city of Pines. Not kidding. The weather, which was cold and wet made it more conducive for pigging out.

We were supposed to have a late breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins that day but it was closed for renovation. Not knowing where to go next, I blurted out Le Chef to the taxi driver because I remembered it from googling restaurants in Baguio the previous day.

When we arrived, it was still bright and was only drizzling....

..but midway through our brunch, the drizzle became heavy downpour and it turned dark and gloomy.

The best thing to do?

Order a second cup of hot chocolate. This was really, really good!

And pair it with this pastry and a giant ensaymada (forgot to take a picture). The ensaymada was also good. The rain did not stop yet and we have already consumed gazillion calories so hubby and I decided to take pictures of ourselves. EJ did not join in the fun. He thought his parents were baduy! LOL!

After we got tired taking our pictures, we decided to go to the Outlet Store which is just below The Manor Camp John Hay. But because it was raining, we took the "shuttle" going down. We paid P100 for what should have been a 2-minute walk (or so). Now that I think about it, we should have taken the taxi instead. It would probably cost us only P50. Oh well.

The Outlet Store

There were so many signature/branded items for sale like Mango, Benetton, Nike, Gucci, Prada, etc. I was tempted to buy a Gucci shoes for hubby but the price seemed a little too much still. 

EJ, feeling cold and sleepy

After a few minutes of window shopping, we decided to go back to the hotel to rest and plan where to eat for snacks and dinner :)


Le Chef at The Manor
The Manor Camp John Hay
Open Daily from 6AM to 11PM
Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner